Friday, October 18, 2013

48 Hours!!


I've trained for 12 weeks for this and now it is just 48 hours away!!  YIKES!!

I have been fighting a cruddy cold that is trying to creep in and I think I may be winning the battle.  I've been taking Vitamin C, drinking lots of chamomile tea, lounging in long hot baths and downing ibuprofen and acetaminophen like they are M&Ms.  I've been running outside the last couple of runs to get my lungs used to the colder weather.  I am doing all I can to be in tip top shape for Sunday.

I have been stressing over clothes a little.  It's supposed to be chilly, but not terribly so.  I did buy a pair of Nike long running pants and tried them out last night.  I like them.  They have a pouch in the back that hold my phone so I tried it and it only bothered me minimally.  I am pretty sure I'll wear an old sweater to the start line and then discard and donate at the start line or in the first couple miles on the sidelines.  I also bought some Nike running gloves.  I've liked them so far.  My hands get so cold when I run.  Even if I don't have sleeves I'm sure I'll still want those gloves.  I have one more 3 mile run in my schedule which I'll do tomorrow morning in the cold and make sure I'm comfortable with all of my choices.  

Mostly I'm just trying to keep my head in the game.  I'm trying to stay focused.  I get stressed out when I think of the race day too much so I just focus on today's goals and try not to look ahead.  I'm scared to jinx myself at this point!

My sweet, sweet husband has used his hotel points and gotten us a hotel just 3 blocks from the starting line on Sunday morning.  I'm so happy that I'll be so close and not have to worry about getting the kids up extra early, traffic or parking problems.  I'm also super happy that the whole family wants to be there to support me.  Because the run means nothing if I don't have them in the end!

So, it will start tomorrow when we go to the convention center for the Expo and pick up my race packet.  We'll hang out in Denver and enjoy a nice relaxing family day.  My next post probably won't be until after the race.  If you think about it, pray for me.  My goal is to finish.  I would like to do it in under 2:40 but that is secondary to just getting across the finish line.

Now I'm off to start hydrating!  My least favorite part of the prerace routines...but it must be done!

Happy Running!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get Yer Head in the Game!

Week 9 of training was the worst week of training I had.  I was just over it.  I couldn't get motivated.  Once I started to run I just wanted to stop and go home.  It culminated with an 8 mile run on Sunday that turned into a 4.3 mile run/walk and a 4 mile hilly bike ride.  I was done!

Then I decided to sit down and really look over the last couple of weeks of training.  I had stopped doing the cross training on Monday nights.  The gym was closed for 3 weeks so I just cleaned my house instead on those days.  One time I just completely skipped and ate half of a pizza and watched Monday Night Football instead.  I had also stopped running on the treadmill and started running outside.  It was good practice to be out all the time but I wasn't doing any intervals or fartleks for strength training.  I had stopped drinking water as much I had been through the beginning of training.  So...maybe my body wasn't tiring out.  Maybe it was because I wasn't following the training plan anymore.

So, last Monday I decided it was going to be a week of following the plan.  Week 10 of training was on!  I did a chisel class at the gym Monday night that left me feeling like jello.  I jumped on the treadmill on Tuesday and did 6 miles of fartleks.  I rested on Wednesday, thank the good Lord, because my legs were like spaghetti after the first two days!  Thursday it was 5 miles of hills and they were awesome.  I conquered a hilly loop that terrifies me, and my wonderful husband cheered me on the whole way riding his bike alongside me!  Friday it was back to resting.  Saturday was an easy 4 miles so I did it on the treadmill at a nice slow pace.  And then Sunday was the peak of the whole training schedule...11 MILES!!  I did it on the treadmill.  It took 2 hours.  8 minutes.  32 seconds.  CRAZY!!!

And now it is Monday again and surprisingly I didn't even wake up sore.  And I headed back to the gym for some more chisel tonight. 

Turns out sticking to the plan works.

It's all downhill in training from here.  The runs are shorter and not so intense.  I have a 7 miler left this Sunday but nothing longer than that.  It's all about staying healthy and strong right now.  And in 13 days I'll get to reap the rewards. 

Getting super excited!

And did I mention that my birthday is in 9 days?  We are going to wait until after the race to go to my favorite cupcake place in Denver called The Shoppe to celebrate.  If nothing else motivates me come October 20th, knowing there will be cupcakes when it is all over will get me across that finish line!!

I appreciate all the love and support you guys have poured on me through this journey.  We're almost there!

Keep Running!  And be blessed!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scattered Thoughts of a Runner

Shit!  The treadmill isn't working.  Well I'm adding that .2 to my run.  I didn't do that 30 seconds for nothing!

Why do I always start my runs uphill?

Oh ya, because that downhill, even 2 minutes in, feels oh. so. good.

Don't check the watch.  Just run.  For fun.  Look around and enjoy yourself.

Where did this wind come from?

Look at me.  I'm running.  Carefree.  Who cares if I have to run 6 miles.  I'm not thinking about that.  Just keep running.  Just keep running.

Oh my knees hurt.

Look at the blue sky.  Oh ya, I'm supposed to spend 15 minutes thinking of my sister.  I love my sister.  Is that a snake?!!  Jennifer if you can read my thoughts you have to know I can NOT think of you when I run outside.  I have to watch for snakes!!

I'm sooo tired of uphills!

I cannot believe James is having eye problems.  God you have such a sense of humor to give me my James, my adopted child, and he is the only one of my children to have eye problems.  I could find better things to bond over.

Got my breath back.  OK let's go up this street.

I hate uphill!

Love downhill.  I feel great.  Oh look another hill!



This is my favorite part of the run.  Downhill for the next mile baby.  Ahhh look at me just running.  Oh Jennifer I'm just running.  Not caring what the watch says.  Just running.  Hey...I thought about my sister again.

Ohhhh I know what I can do for a post before my half.  I should take different pictures of what I want to look like when I cross the finish line.  Then I can be ready for the big day.  Big smile?  Arms up?  Victory?  Sprayed with sweat...will have to use a hose.  It's October, it might snow.  I should do one with mittens and a hat too.

Wow...that took up a like 3 minutes of thinking time.  YAY!

Ugh my knees.

Seriously, when I was standing still there wasn't any wind!!

I need to tell Nick that the yummy free donut makes running easier.  Maybe I should see if he'll give me a free cookie on Thursday and we can see if that makes me run easy too??

OK this is a busy road...make it look easy!

What did I just kick??  Did a snake just slither between my legs??  I'm sure it was just a rock.  We're going to say it's a rock.  And we are going to pretend that I didn't just do a funny dancing run because of a rock.

Just a few more blocks.  You got this.

I think a lot when I'm running.  I should totally record these thoughts.  People will think I'm schizo though.  Oh well.

I could call it Scattered Thoughts of a Runner.  That implies I'm a runner.  What makes a runner?  I think if you are running then you are a runner.  If you wake up tomorrow and decide not to run then you are no longer a runner.  You can only call yourself a runner on a no run day if it is a day specifically designated to rest your body so you can run more.  I'm a runner right now.  I don't know if I'll be a runner tomorrow.  

Teenagers.  Like 20 of them.  Back straight.  Make it look like you do this all the time.  You're a rockstar.

They didn't even cheer.  There's a bazillion of them.  They were practicing some kind of dance routine or something with music blaring.  The least they could have done was cheered when I ran by.  Then maybe I could run more.  Idiots.

Just make it home. 

Where the BLEEP did this wind come from??

I've only ran 4.97?? 

I wasn't supposed to look at the watch!!

Just race home.  Cross that line.

5.15.  You didn't do 6.  You kinda suck. 

It's still 5.15.  I'll take it.

(And my favorite part of the run was after the run.  A text from my sister who I told that I absolutely didn't want to run tonight.  It said  "so, how did you do rockstar?"  Jennifer I love that you have that much faith in me.  You are such a blessing in my life!)

(Oh...and a confession.  I did NOT cross train last night. I played LIFE with my kids.  Then I ate half a large pizza (thin crust...does it even matter when you've eaten half??), 2 rice krispie squares and a bowl of popcorn with M&Ms in it while the kids and I watched the Broncos kill the Raiders.  Judge not!)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tuesday, Thursday and Wandering All Over

Tuesday afternoon I started my 6 miles of fartleks and I was bored before I even began.  I knew I needed to change it up.  So here's what happened.

5 minute walk at 3.5
5 minute run at 5.5
13 minute fast run at 6.0
5 minute walk at 4.0
5 minute walk at 5.5
15 minute fast run at 6.0!!
5 minute walk at 4.0
4 minute walk at 5.5
9:35 fast run at 6.0 to finish 6 miles at 66:35.

The end time wasn't my best but those long runs were the farthest I've ever gone that fast.  It felt great!

On Thursday afternoon I just had to do a 5 mile AYF (As You Feel) run and I decided to head back outside with the Garmin.  I ran the first mile in 10:30!  Outside!  I did my fastest ever outdoor 5K at 33:09!  And I did the entire 5 miles in 54 minutes.  I was very proud of that run!  And apparently changing the fartlek routine helped me gain some ground this week!

Now for the wandering all around.  Yes, I'm trying all kinds of new routes and having fun wandering around Brighton.  But I was talking about my eye. 

For those of you that don't know, I am blind in my right eye.  I had 5 surgeries on my eye from the ages of 5 to 12 that left my eye wandering all the way up and to the right.  I had my last eye surgery at 12 to correct the position of the eyeball.  It was a huge success.  It was centered and I had full mobility.  I was a happy girl.

24 years later my eye has become unaligned.  I'm confident that this was caused from running and the constant strain and pounding that I've put on the muscles.  I have spoken to a local eye doctor that told me this was completely out of his realm and that I needed to be in touch with a pediatric ophthalmologist that does surgeries on strabismus.  Well, James just had strabismus surgery in May!  And I happened to have the doctor's cell number!  So I texted him, he texted back and told me he was in Hawaii and so we decided that email was the best way to communicate.  After sending pictures and information I now have an appointment on October 1st which will most likely lead to surgery to correct the position again.

I am telling you this for a few reasons. 

1. So you will pray for me.  I HATE!!, no..LOATHE!! surgeries. 

2. I am incredibly insecure right now.  I have been told that it is not nearly as obvious as I feel it is...but to me it feels like that is all people can see.  I feel like if I just let it all out there then you will know everything and you won't feel awkward for asking and I won't feel like there is a big elephant in the room that we are all ignoring. 

3.  And last, it's prayers again.  I have a huge big fat feeling that I'm going to be told not to run anymore.  It may be stop running until surgery.  It may be stop running after surgery so this doesn't happen again.  Either way...I'm getting in a half!  If I have to find one in the next few weeks and run it and then quit..I'll do it.  And then I'll take up swimming.  Or cycling.  Or whatever.  But I'm going to ask for prayers that surgery has come far enough in the last 24 years that they will fix this and I will be able to live a normal life again.  Please pray for that!

I cried like a baby when I finally realized what was going on.  I had a big ol' pity party and sobbed and snotted and acted like a big ol' baby.  And my sweet, sweet sister Jennifer sat on the other end of the phone telling me that she loves me, that I'm beautiful and that I would find my way through this.

And I will!

Let's just put this in perspective.  I haven't lost a child.  Or a husband.  Or a limb.  We are talking about an eye that was already blind and has moved out of position.  Other than a little confidence and vanity...I'm not losing a whole lot here.  And I would take my situation over millions of others.

God is good!  Whether His plans are for me to come out getting what I want or if they entail something completely different...He knows best!  And I will thank Him for constantly for holding me and taking care of me even when I don't know what His plans are.

I started blogging again to be able to keep the memories of my road to a half marathon.  I never, ever, saw this as being one of the curves.  Who knew?!  Anyways, I will always be proud of what I've done so far and I will pray that I will get to do so much more in the future.

I know that was long.  I'm sorry. 

It's a big weekend...I have another PR to set...10 miles on Sunday.  Yikes!  I'll try the Guu this time and let you know what I think. 

Be Blessed!  And be a blessing! 

Keep Running!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Social, Eating Jelly Bellies and Cleaning House

I got a Garmin!!

So. Darn. Excited!!

I've been wanting one for forever.  I asked for one for Mother's Day and didn't get it.  I wanted one for the Bolder Boulder and didn't get it.  Then I ran twice and had my husband map them for me on  Apparently that did the trick...I had a Garmin after the second run!  WOO HOOOOO

I wore my fancy new watch on my run on Sunday.  It was great because I had to do 8 miles and didn't have a clue where that was going to take me.  This way I was able to just go run and check my watch to know if I had to go further or start heading closer to home.  It worked so well that I finished the 8 miles just three doors down from my house!

And the results are instant.  I knew right away that I had run 8 miles, that I ran for 1:33, my average pace was 11:44 and that I burned 949 calories! 

I came home and plugged it into my computer and it gave me even more information such as elevation change, the weather while I was running and a few other cool things that I can't remember right now but just made me love my toy even more. 

And now I can be one of the cool people and share the info on Facebook.  My sister has been using a Nike app which is way cool and I love that I can see when she is running and it even lets me cheer her along the way.  If I have a day that I want to skip a run and I see that she has done hers, it pushes me.  Now I get to share too!  Happy, happy, happy!

I have also been experimenting with gels.  I told you about trying the honey and that seemed to work well.  This weekend I picked up two new types: Jelly Belly gels and Guu.  I was already leaning a little more towards the Jelly Bellies just because I can dump them in my fanny pack and then eat one or a handful as I feel I need them.  The Guu is a whole pack similar to a mayonnaise pack and once it's open then it's open.  I get an upset tummy when I run with too much food in my belly so I'm a little leery of taking it all in one shot but don't relish the idea of leaving it open in my pack either.

So on Sunday I tried my first choice: TriBerry (I think) Jelly Bellies.  I ate one right before I left and HOLY SWEET!  I wasn't so sure.  Then after a couple of miles I popped another one and loved how the sweetness made my mouth instantly fill up with saliva.  It was like a free drink along with the candy!  Gross right?!  But it was sooooo good!  I ate most of them throughout the run and felt great.  At some points I was really able to sit back mentally on the run and my legs were just doing their thing.  It was a great feeling.  Part of it is the training for sure.  But I do think the gels helped too.  I wasn't exhausted when I got home and could have put in a couple of extra miles for sure.

Next weekend I'll try the Guu. 

I want to get all the experimenting out before the half.

Tonight is cross training.  My stupid gym is still closed for maintenance so tonight I just did house cleaning again.  Trust's a workout!  I can't wait to get back to the gym next Monday.  I have a friend that wants to try spin with me so I think that is what we will do.  I'm missing the core workouts!  But I also know my body is enjoying the breaks.  I've got some aches and pains going on (including a lovely friction rash from my running bra!) but I don't want this to end on a negative note.  If they don't go away I'll share another time.

Right now I will stay focused on my fancy new Garmin!  Happy!!

Hope you have had a lovely Monday.  My favorite beginning of the week quote on Facebook today was "Don't look back, you're not going that way!"

Keep Running!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crap In, Crap Out

Today's run just hurt! 

A lot! 

My feet. 

My knees. 

My legs.

It was supposed to be 6 miles of fartleks.  I did 5.  And then I walked for a half a mile and called it a day.


I think I know what part of the problem is.  Well, the big part is that my body is still recovering from that huge 9 miler on Sunday.  But the other part I think is my doing.

I've started eating crap again.

I feel like I have been a running beast and when I'm hungry I just haven't cared what's gone into my mouth the last 3 days. I ate cake for dessert 3 nights in a row!  And today I had hashbrowns.  HASHBROWNS!! 

I get it now.  I'm running a lot so I can eat more.  But it has to be more of the good stuff.  I need foods that will help fuel my body and then help my body heal.  I will do my best to not make that mistake again during training.  A treat every once in a while is great but moderation has to be the key.

Tomorrow is rest day.  YIPPEEEE!!  I'm hoping Thursday's 5 miles of hills goes much better.  It is getting cooler outside and I think it will be a great day for an outside run.  Wooohooo!  I don't normally run outside but I have a 3 mile loop I do and I have a 2 mile loop...I'm just going to put them together to make 5.  And they consist of enough hills that I'm slightly nervous.  Should be fun.

The moral of today's blog: when you put crap into your body, your body will be crappy at what it does.

Hope the beginning of your week has been great! 

Keep Running!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Week's Worth

WOW!  It's been a week since I last wrote.  Bet you (all 3 or 4 of you that read this!) thought I was fizzing out eh?  Not me!  I've stuck to the plan without missing anything since the big 8 miler I skipped in WY.

I will say that keeping up is getting harder.  Now that my runs are no longer 30 and 40 minutes long I am feeling guilty taking as long as I do to run and then sitting down to blog afterwards.  I will try to be more diligent though!


I did the cross-train Monday that I told you about last week.  Then I did 6 miles (SIX MILES!!) of fartleks on Tuesday.  That was a PR for me because up until then I had only done 4 miles of fartleks.  I kept to the same rhythm as usual: 10 minute mile for 5 minutes then 11 minute mile for 5 minutes x 6.  It was awesome!  Wednesday was rest day.  YAY!  Thursday I ran 4 miles.  Friday was rest again.  YAY again!  Saturday I ran 5 miles and it was nice and easy.  Then Sunday was the big whopper...NINE MILES!!  I did the first 3 miles at 11 minute miles and then slowed down to 12 minute miles for the last 6 in the hopes that I could sustain it for the full ride.  And I did it!  1 hr and 47 mins of running!  THAT'S NUTS!!  After mile 3 I would dribble a bit of honey on my finger and suck it off at the beginning of each mile.  I think that really helped.  I think I will start trying some gels on my Sunday runs. 

I seriously cannot even explain how cool it is to say that I ran 9 miles.  And that even though I did it, it so doesn't feel possible.  Up until yesterday I had never run farther than 7 miles and I had only done that twice.  Again...I'm amazed at what God is allowing this body to accomplish.  I feel blessed to be discovering this side of myself.

I also feel sore!  Tonight is cross train.  They gym is still closed for 2 more weeks for maintenance so no swimming or classes.  It's raining outside so no bike rides.  I guess I'm just going to do some weight lifting at home.  I don't think it will be too much because I feel tired and I know I have to do the 6 miles of fartleks again tomorrow.  I will do my best to lift and stretch for at least 30 minutes tonight though.

I picked up a book that caught my eye at the library.  It's called You are an Ironman.  I'm loving it!!  It's about 6 people and their journeys to the Ironman competition.  Can I just say that these people amaze me!!  They also inspire me!  I've been thinking about trying out a triathlon in the Spring of next year.  I've even gone so far as to tell you all about it and now probably be held accountable.  If you know of any please share!

I'll leave you with the link to a video that just blew my mind.  Julie Ross crossing the finish line at Ironman in 1982.  Keep in mind she was just a student doing a research paper on Ironman and she ended up being in 1st place the whole way.  No go watch!

Have a blessed week!  And Keep Running!

Monday, September 2, 2013

On Vacation Time

We took a family trip to WY this weekend.  And it was lovely! 

Friday was a rest day for the drive.  YAY!

Saturday I had to do an easy 3 miles and utilized the hotel treadmill to get it done.  Can I just say that the newer treadmills suck?!!  I have a very old one that was given to me for free and I love it.  However, whenever I run on a newer one I realize that mine is completely and truly flat.  I can raise it but don't usually.  The one in the hotel has a natural incline even at 0.0 incline.  And this isn't the first time I've noticed it.  Trust me...I can feel a less than 1 degree incline.  My body hates them!  And I hated this treadmill!  But I got three miles in.  I may or may not have said some not very nice words while getting them in...

Sunday I was supposed to do 8 miles.  I just couldn't make myself get back on that treadmill.  I was already feeling lethargic and relaxed and completely on vacation time.  I just couldn't do it.  And so I didn't.  I just completely skipped a day.  I felt terribly guilty but I still did it.

Today we drove home and I didn't know what to do tonight.  Do the 8 miles I skipped?  Then would I be able to do the required 6 miles tomorrow night?  I started to run at an 11 minutes mile and 7 minutes in had an idea.  Today was cross training day...I could make up my own cross training.  So I did.  I got off at 7 minutes and lifted weights for a whole song.  Then ran a 10 min mile for  a song.  Then weights, then a 9:50.  Then weights, then a 9:40.  Then weights, then a 9:20.  It was awesome.  I was dripping sweat like never before.  I only did 2 miles which was fine because today I wasn't supposed to run.  But I got in a good 45 minute workout by the time it was all said and done.  And I'm back on schedule.

I'm pretty sure tomorrow's 6 miles of fartleks will kill me. 

But what doesn't kill me will make me stronger.

Here's hoping I'm stronger tomorrow night and not dead!

Hope you had a blessed Labor Day weekend.  Keep Running!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


There is a 4 day succession on my training that I have come to loathe.  It's a Saturday run, Sunday run, Monday cross-train and then Tuesday run.  It scares me before I even get started.  And it thrills me when I conquer it!

Since I have been trying something new every Monday for cross-training, last night was another new class.  Chisel.  OH! MY! GOODNESS!!!  It was like a Pump class.  High reps of low weights mixed in with cardio spurts that make you feel like you want to die.  Something I learned: I can run for an hour and twenty minutes but 5 minutes of jumping jacks makes me want to puke and pass out!!  It was an awesome class and my friend and I had a lot of fun doing it.

However, this morning I woke up at 6:18 and had 2 thoughts.  1: OUCH! 2: How in the world am I going to stand at work for 7 hours today and then run 5 miles tonight??!!

I came home and got right to it.  I wanted it done.  I wanted to stop thinking about it.  So I ran 3 miles at 11 minute miles and then did a progressive last 2 miles for 5 miles in 54 minutes.  It felt fantastic!

I continue to be amazed that I am able to do this training schedule.  I look at it and say "No Way!  Not Possible!"  But then I do it and am blown away by how much my body has learned and how much it can accomplish.

So this past 4 day succession was a 4 mile run, 7 mile run, 1 hour chisel and 5 mile run.  WOOHOOOO!!

Saw a quote yesterday and even though it's Tuesday I'd still like to leave you with this thought:
"Guess what? You have a brand new week ahead of you to slay dragons, achieve goals, sweat more, gripe less and ditch the fear!  Go!"

Have a blessed week!

Keep Running!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's all in Your Head

Sunday long easy 7 miles...DONE!

You know, people often say to me that they don't know how I run so much.  Or so far.  (And let me be very clear that I don't think I run much or far compared to most runners!!)  They say it as if I enjoy it.  As if it comes naturally to me.  And I never know how to answer them.

And when I'm running, I wish they could be in my head.  Because  it's not fun.  And it's not easy.  And in the midst of 99% of my runs I swear I am never going to run again.  I absolutely loathe running when I am running. 

Then I come up on that last mile.  And it's almost over. And I know I only have 11 minutes to go.  Heck, I can even play with my speed and push my limits now, it's almost over.  And I do.  And I finish.  And I swear that feeling at the end is the best feeling in the whole wide world.  The adrenaline.  The euphoria.  The realization that I pushed my body to do something it hates and I made it through.  I finished. 

Today, I am a runner.

Running is 99% mental. 

Your lungs can take it.  Your legs can take it.  Your heart can take it.  It's tearing down the walls you put up in your head.  That's always your biggest hurdle.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Be blessed!  And be a blessing!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Still Running...

I did it!  On Thursday I woke up at 5:25 and was on the treadmill by 5:30 to run my 4 miles of the day.  It sucked when the alarm went off.  But the run wasn't so bad.  And since Friday was a rest day it was great going through the day knowing I didn't have to run again until Saturday morning.  At least I know it is a viable option if I have another busy day on a training day.

This morning was 4 miles.  I did it in 44 minutes because Jimmy came down to talk to me and I had to walk to be able to talk to him.  HA! 

A little nervous about my 7 mile run tomorrow morning.  It will definitely be a Starbucks Mocha morning before that run!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Happy Saturday and Keep Running!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Roller Coaster

There is nothing like an awesome run to make you feel like you are on top of the world! 

This journey is really a roller coaster as the title suggests. 

Did I even tell you about Saturday's 4 miles?  It was so epic!  I went on a coffee date with my husband to finalize some surprise things we are doing for the kids.  When I got home I was so psyched up about our plans and I had that mocha coffee running through my was like I flew for the whole 4 miles!

Then Sunday sucked.

Yesterday I painted for my cross-training day.  Kaylee wanted her room done so she bought the paint and I did 4 hours of ladders and rolling.  Trust counts!

Then back to today which was 4 miles of fartleks (giggle) and they rocked!  I even played in the 9:50 and 9:40 minute ranges for a bit.  I finished at 41:30 and I was happy with that time.

I'm also trying to liven up our dinners with some new recipes.  Today we tried one that I found on Pinterest and not only did I love it...the kids thought it was amazing!  And all of us mothers know that when you find a dish that all the kids will stays on the rotating menu!!  You can find it at the link below.  Also, another plus, it's clean eating!  However, I cheated a bit with the salsa.  I just used Pace Restaurant Style Salsa.  We heated up some tortillas and just ate with sour cream or any extras needed!  YUM!

Tomorrow is a rest day!  Yay!

Thursday is looking so busy that I think I may have to get up at 5am to get it done.  Not really looking forward to that.  But I will for the cause!

Keep Running!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Food and Fuel

I have such a hard time with food when I'm running.  Today was the worst running experience I've had in a long time.  Not because my legs hurt.  Not because my lungs hurt.  But because I wanted to throw my lunch up the whole time!!

I normally take one of two runs.  In the morning sans any fuel.  Get up and go.  It's hard work but it gets done.  The other run is after I work.  I take a break and eat my lunch at around 10:30am so when after I've picked up my kids from school and get started on my run I've had at least 5.5 hours for the food to settle.  These runs are usually my best runs.  They are in the afternoon and I'm completely fueled up.  Perfect!

Today I ate lunch at 12:30.  I had a small cup of corn chowder and a petite bistro salad (Thank you Mimi's Cafe!).  I don't think that is heavy at all!  Then I started my run just before 3.  By the end of mile 1 my stomach was rebelling.  By the end of mile 2 I had cold sweats and it was taking everything in me not to throw up.  I got off.  Came back upstairs, drank some water, sat under the fan and started to feel much better.  I waited a bit longer and then went back down to get the last 4 of the 6 miles I was required to do today done.  The first (third at this point) was just OK.  By mile 2 I was queasy again.  I pushed myself to get through and finish the third mile.  Then that was it.  I walked my last mile outside. 

What does a girl do??

So 5 hours is perfect.  2 hours is awful.  There has to be a happy medium.  I don't want to be doing my Sunday long runs on an empty stomach.  But then we go to church and I'm hungry after church.  I also don't want to wait until dinner time to do my long run.  I'm going to have to experiment with this one a bit I guess.  The half is obviously 13.1 miles...I can't do that on an empty stomach.  But the way things look now I may have to wake up at 3am just to eat something then try to sleep a bit more and hope that fuel works for the race.  Hmmmm


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Squeezing It In

Today was one of those days that I started to worry about when I would run yesterday!  I'm up and have  my kids at school by 7:40am.  I worked from 8-3.  Picked up kids and got home at 3:40.  Then I had meetings tonight from 5-7:30.  And my running schedule said I had to get in 4 miles of hills.  Ummm...and just where was I supposed to do that?!!

Priorities.  I hate that word sometimes.

For that blessed hour that I had at home I decided to do 3 miles of hills.  I called in a pizza for my kids for dinner.  And I had the fastest shower in the world and made it to the meetings on time. 

I hated all the time that I missed with my kids today.

Then I remember the message this weekend at church about fighting for the call instead of giving in to the emotion.  I do spend A LOT of time with my kids.  This was one night.  And I want to show my kids that when you want something that you should work hard for it.  They are helping me cross days off my training schedule and they are cheering me on the whole time.  How could I just not do it?

So I didn't get in the full 4 miles.  But I got 3 miles.  Of hills.  And it was 88 degrees outside at the time.  I think it all evened out!

It is so easy to give up on ourselves and say that other things are more important.  And other things are more important than one run.  But in the overall picture you have to have balance.  And at the end of this week I will have spent enough time with my kids for each of them to feel loved.  And in the few hours I took for myself to work out, I will have also taught them about determination and discipline.  And how better to teach than to model.

And when I got home from my meetings my daughter showed me her outline for a paper she has to write on someone that inspires her.  She picked me!!  My heart overfloweth!

And then I stop beating myself up for taking time out for my run today. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well it seems that every time that I start a running journey and decide to blog about it...something happens.  Last time I was going to run every day for a year...I ended up with heart palpitations and found out that I have 2nd Degree AV Block.  This time I am having back pain and numbness in both my left leg and arm.  GRRRR

I will not be stopped!

And I'm thinking that since I have declared this a spiritual journey that someone from the other team is trying to trip me up. chance buddy!   The war has already been won and I'm on the winning team!

I am going to the doctor tomorrow morning.  I am pretty sure (based on extensive google research!!  HA HA) that I am having problems with my sciatic nerve, or a pinched nerve or possibly a herniated disc.

I have not altered my training yet.  I'm waiting to see what the doctor says.

So...after my sucky run on Saturday morning, I had a sucky 5 mile run on the treadmill on Sunday.  I even ate a muffin before.  GRRR again!

Last night, for cross training, a friend from work went with me to try a Pilates Plus class.  It was OK.  The moves hurt but there was so much rest time between each move and the teacher would extend some of those rests and chat away with people in the class. I would move a little this way, and it would hurt.  Then I'd move a little that way and it would hurt.  Laughing hurt the most.  So I guess I did get some core work done!

Today was 4 miles of fartleks (giggle!).  I did .5 miles at an 11 minute mile and .5 miles at a 10 minute mile.  I repeated that 4 times and got 4 miles done in 42 minutes.  And now my body really hurts!  But it was one of those fantastic runs where I felt on fire the whole time!  And it reminded me of how much I love to run in the afternoon with plenty of fuel in my body.  YAY for a good run!

So, tomorrow is rest day.  And doctor day.

I'm praying mostly for a miracle and that I will wake up normal tomorrow (Jennifer snickering!  I can be normal!!).  Next, I'm praying that I am not told to stop or change my training in any way.  I love this schedule.  I want to keep going.

In the end, I will do what will make my body work properly again.  If that means not running, I will cross train on the bike or swim or whatever I can handle until we get this figured out.  I'm determined!  Falling apart...but determined!

I'll let you know what I hear tomorrow.

Till then...Keep Running!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Running Sucks!

That's how I felt today.  I was ready to come home and quit my Rock n' Roll Half.  I hated it.  I ran outside which is always harder than the treadmill.  I ran on an empty stomach (I swear I'm going to stop doing that!!).  I didn't get out there until 9:15am so it was HOT.  I did a route with a lot of hills.  It was hard.  And it sucked!


My Jamesy rode his bike with me while I ran and I love that.  He cheers me on the whole way and encourages me (even when I stopped and walked up a hill for 30 seconds!).

It ended!  The best part about running is always crossing the finish line.  Whether it be in a race with thousands of other people or the line that you make yourself cross on your driveway when you get home.  I did it.  I made it. 

I was given an opportunity and I took it.  There are people I've lost in my life.  People I know and have read about with disabilities.  People who would love the opportunity to walk, let alone run.  And even though it sucked...I own it. 

And so...

It is what it is.  Some runs suck.  Some runs are epic.  And some runs just are. 

I love what it does to my body.  I love the feeling of accomplishment.  I love being able to say that I run. 

Today sucked.

Tomorrow might be the best run of my life.  Can't wait to find out.

Keep Running!  I know I will!

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Name is Krista and I'm a Candy Crush Addict

I wish I thought this was as funny as it looks.


I am such an all-or-nothing person.  There never seems to be an in-between for me. 

I started playing Candy Crush less than 2 weeks ago.  I'm already on Level 152. 

I quit!

I think I am quitting my tablet too.  I went to bed to read last night before falling asleep.  I just had to check to see if I had any emails, FB updates, games of Candy Crush to play first.  An hour later....  I never did read.

I had a smart phone once.  It lasted 3 weeks because I was constantly checking my stuff online.  I sold it and went back to my old school no-data phone. 

I don't want all of my kids' memories of me to be me with my tablet, phone or whatever other internet device I can get a hold of in my face.

I like Facebook.  I like that I get to keep up with people that I no longer live close to.  I like that if we are bored I can see if anyone is doing anything and we can set up playdates.  I love that if I have a quick question I can throw it on my status and it is answered almost immediately.  I don't want to go over the top and give up all social media.

I need to find moderation.

I like to wake up early and check my email and FB.  I get up before the kids and have my tea while I'm doing that.  It's one of my favorite times of the day.  I won't give that up.  15 minutes of that gets my day started and I like that.

It's after school and night time that I really want to cut down.  Maybe a quick check after school.  Then I can check again once my kids have gone to bed, maybe another 15 minutes.  This will be the plan.

And then I can read!


I can do this!

In running is a rest day!  YAY!

Be blessed!  And be a blessing!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Day of School

Where did the summer go??  What fun we had! The kids were starting to get antsy the last 2 weeks so I know they were ready.  My house seems a little too quiet this morning though!   Love those babies of mine.

So, what does a half-training mom do on her kids first day back to school??  Run, of course!

Today was a 4 mile AYF (as you feel).  I decided to do a progressive run.  I started at 5.6 and went up .1 each mile which ended me at 5.9 and makes it a 42 minute 4 miles.  Felt great!

I think Thursday runs are my favorite on this program.  I am coming off a rest day yesterday and going back into the second  rest day tomorrow which makes me push a little harder.  

Well, not only did the kids go back to school today, I'm heading back to work this afternoon.

Happy Running! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AYF, Tempo, Fartlek Oh My!!

So, I'm following this plan and having to learn the lingo of runners.  I may have been running for 3 years but there was no rhyme or reason to I seem to be getting schooled!

Today was supposed to be a 3 mile tempo run.  On the sheet a tempo run is described as a run "slightly slower than your 10K pace or at an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of about 7 to 8."  Well when I ran my only 10K I averaged a 11:38 mile.  On the treadmill I never run slower than an 11 minute mile.  So it was hard for me to understand what to do.  Instead I looked ahead and saw that next Tuesday I have to do fartlek/intervals.

Fartleks?  Really?  I can't even say that without giggling!!

Fartlek/intervals is described as alternating "between faster running and recovery walk/jogs. For a fartlek use a variety of distances (for example, a half mile at a hard pace and a quarter mile at an easy one).  For intervals use a specific time (for example 2 minute sprints at an RPE of 8 with 2 minutes of recovery at an RPE of 3)  Use a mix of these speeds throughout the plan.,"

Today I decided to try fartleks for 3 miles.

I ran an 11 minute mile for the first mile.  In the second mile I ran half a mile at a 10 minute, then half a mile at an 11 minute.  For the last mile I did half a mile at 10 minute, a quarter mile at 11 minute and finished the last quarter with a 10 minute.

I was sweating like a beast!

And I loved it!

This morning started out sucky because I slept later than I wanted to, then wanted to go back to sleep.  I have been having on and off back pain for a few months now and it's been bothering me the past couple of days.  But...I got up and ran.  And I killed it.  And now I know today is going to be fantastic.  And the best part....tomorrow is a mandatory rest day and the last day of summer for my kids.  Nothing but fun for the next 36 hours!

Happy Running!

Oh, I just realized I put AYF in the means As You Feel.  So you can choose your run pace that day. 

Be blessed!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Scattered Thoughts of a Runner

It's Sunday morning and I was not at church.  I was on my treadmill instead.  I think about God a lot when I run.  I thank Him for this body that I once believed was flawed and incapable of running.  I ask Him why things are happening in my life.  I praise Him for my family that drives me half crazy all the time. I am truly thankful that He meets me on the treadmill even though I don't show up to meet him when I feel like I'm supposed to.

However...I have had a bit of a problem with organized church for a while.  Please don't read this wrong...I believe church is a wonderful place and many people meet God there and feed their relationship with Him there.  But for me...I feel like I'm being fake.  I'm putting on my nice clothes, pasting my happy-family-smiles on myself and my children and I'm tithing, singing and worshiping because I'm being told to.  Even when they partake of the Lord's supper...I have not done it lately because it feels like I'm doing what I'm being told to do instead of doing it when God tells me.

I want to talk to God when I feel like it.  Sometimes when I have friends over and we are laughing and having a good time, that's when I feel like remembering the Lord's supper...breaking bread with friends and family.  I believe that I should be tithing but does that always mean to the church?  Shouldn't it also be to my neighbor, my friends, my family when they are struggling to make ends meet.  I understand that then I get the recognition but it is not that "I" give it to them...I explain my tithing and that it is through God and following His direction that I am able to give.  Isn't this all church too?  We are always being told that church is not a building, that WE, the people, are the can't all this be seen as part of God's plan.  Should I really be feeling this guilty every time I don't make it to church on a Sunday morning??

This morning while I was talking to God on my treadmill I felt God leading me on a journey.  I am on a 12 week half marathon running plan and I really felt God telling me that I am going on a 12 week "God plan" also.  

I have made a decision to blog my journey from very average runner to half marathon runner.  I love all these ideas and thoughts that I have while running and I thought it would be fun to share them and for me to have a recollection of this adventure. 

Today ended week one of training and I did things a bit different.  First of all, I followed a plan.  People have asked what plan and it is just something I found on Pinterest.  There are a million plans out there but this one really caught my eye because it gives me 2 rest days a week (something I rarely give myself!) and a cross training day.  That means only 4 days of running a week.  It will strengthen my muscles and give me the endurance I need to complete the half.  You can go see the plan here:

Normally I constantly increase my pace when I'm running.  I always start at 11 minute miles and end at 10 minute miles or slightly faster.  Today was my long run and so I just ran at 11 minute miles the whole time and it was super easy.  It was only 4 miles but normally I push myself through the whole thing.  To sit back and just enjoy the run at a nice pace felt really good and I felt fantastic, not half dead, when it was over.  I will try to remember this for all of my Sunday long runs.

Usually I don't eat before morning runs because I don't have time to eat, let it settle, then run before the kids need me.  Today I had a few things to do so I ate a muffin and drank a medium Starbuck's Mocha (and I don't normally drink coffee!).  This could have also helped with the run feeling much easier.  I'll have to test the theory and maybe use it on race day.

Well, those are my thoughts from today's run.  A little scattered like the title suggested.  Can't wait to look back and read over these when The Half is over!  Have a blessed Sunday and Keep Running!


Monday, January 7, 2013

New Favorite Meal

We were sitting in the emergency room waiting for Kaylee to get her x-rays (she chipped a piece of bone off her baby toe) and I was reading a magazine.  Do you ever read one at the Dr's office and want to rip a recipe or an article out?  Well, I always want to do that.  And this time I did!  And it has turned out to be my new favorite recipe!

Here it is:

Potato, Ham and Spinach Frittata

2 tbsp olive oil
2 small russet potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
1 small onion, thinly sliced
9 large eggs
salt and pepper (as much as you desire)
1 10oz package frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed of excess liquid
4oz (1 cup) white cheddar, grated
4oz thinly sliced deli ham cut into 2 inch pieces

Heat oven to 400 degrees.  Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a large oven proof nonstick skillet (I do not have so used a regular frying pan and put into oven safe dish to cook!) over medium heat.  Add the potatoes and onion and cook, tossing occasionally, until the potatoes are tender, 12 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt, and pepper.  Mix in the spinach, cheddar and ham.

Add the egg mixture to the skillet, stir once, and transfer the skillet to oven.  Cook until the eggs are set, 12 to 14 minutes.

Serve with salad!  This is not a breakfast meal, although it could be.

I head of red leaf lettuce torn into bite size pieces.
1 tbsp of red wine vinegar.
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp of olive oil

Whisk together the wet stuff with some salt and pepper.  Add lettuce and toss to coat. 

Cheap, easy and AWESOME!
If you try it, let me know what you think!