Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Bible

So, I really have been reading my bible everyday! Well, except the day that I unknowingly took night-time tylenol all day and couldn't really focus enough to read..but I caught back up the next day. I have to say, it's been an awkward experience so far. I feel like I have more head knowledge but I feel like my relationship with Christ is not growing.

I'm enjoying the reading. Some parts are quite dull (like all the sacrifices in Leviticus) but for the most part, it's really interesting. I remember Mark, our associate pastor, was speaking about what happened during the 40 years that Moses and the Israelites wandered in the desert and I was like...shhhhhhhh, I'm not there yet!! And last Sunday, Tommy, our pastor, was preaching on staying true to your word and he used an illustration from a part of the bible that I've already read and this time I was like..oh yeah, I know that already! It felt cool to know what they were talking about.

On the other hand, if I was not a Christian and had just picked up the bible and started reading from the beginning, like I have, then I would have a very different view of God. He seems so harsh! And the rituals that had to be performed! I mean, you did not want to mess up during those years! I understand, having been in the church for years, that Jesus is sent down to carry all of that weight for us who live now, but what about the people that don't know that and start from the beginning with nothing?.

And then there are the questions. In Leviticus it says that we should not mate two animals of different kinds, we should not wear clothes made from two different types of animals, men should not lie with other men as they would lie with women...okay so why are some of those okay now and not others? Why can I wear a sweater worn of wool and silk but homosexuality is still despicable? Does Jesus address these issues when he comes? Of course this just makes me more curious to keep reading. I do wish however, that there was a person that I could just call when these questions come up....

And back to my relationship with Christ...I am glad to know the Bible. To be reading the Truth. But I am not sure how this is applicable to my life. I can see how it could be in the future. I find though that I read the required night's reading and then go to sleep. Sometimes I don't even pray. And so I am losing the intimacy that I had with Christ. I am thinking about going back to a prayer journal. Read the bible and then write in the journal. Or maybe also do a daily devotional with the reading. I like the reading but I still want my conversation with God.

This has been much different than I expected but I know is well worth the time. I know God is using this and I look forward to seeing how.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Normal Softball Practice

So, I've entered the world of softball. I put sports off as long as I could (so I wouldn't have to tote three kids around everywhere, of course) and it's finally reared it's ugly head!!
(The picture above is of Kaylee at tryouts on Saturday)
Well, we all know that nothing normal ever happens to me! I get to the field and have to find field number 4. Everyone else seems to know where they are going so I just pretend. (Oh, side note here..I also hate sports because I believe in sleep! This is her first practice and it's on a Tuesday night at they not know my kids are having a bath at that time so they can go to bed at 7:30??!!) Okay, so I find the field and we're a few minutes early so we hang out and our next door neighbor is there so she comes and chats for a while. All the girls are going onto the field so we send Kaylee on. So brave! Then Lori and I are chatting for a while and then she starts telling me stories about Kaylee's coach and how great he is. Then she says his name. And I was like, I thought his name was Minh. She says well maybe she's not at the right place. She calls him over and we discover that yes, she has been practicing with the wrong team. So we send Kaylee over to where her actual team is practicing, Lori grabs her bag for her (my arms are bogged down with my sleeping 2 year old!) and James and all of us go down to THE BACK END OF FIELD 4. Duh!
So, things are going well. Lori has helped me out. Jagger has woken up and the boys are running around. Kaylee is being so brave and doing everything she is supposed to be doing. Life is great. Then Jagger starts to scream. I run over and he is taking his shoes off and yelling that he has ants. I'm attacking the ones on his feet and realize they've gone up his legs. I hold Jagger up and tell Lori to pull off his pants. She yanks his pants off and starts flinging them around and getting the ants gone while I swat Jagger's legs and check his underwear to make sure they haven't claimed the family jewels! While this is going on, Lori's 11 year old daughter is standing back and says Now that's what I call ants in your pants! I couldn't help but laugh!! So we got Jagger ant-free and then he asks Ms. Lori if he could have his pants back on please and we do so. Then I thank Lori for rescuing me again. She says she is leaving but wants to make sure I'm going to be okay. I say just go...really, this is my life!!
This is my normal!
By the way, Kaylee did great at softball. I am so proud of her!

Soooooo sick!!!!!!

I have the worst throat infection and an ear infection and I'm running fever. By the way, who gets ear infections at 31 years old??!!

Okay so funny thing is, I took my tylenol cold and sore throat every four hours yesterday (on top of the antibiotics I'm on of course). I laid on the couch the whole day. I was soooooo groggy. I had to take my car in to be fixed and I had to ask Jimmy to do it because I just didn't think I was capable of driving. Yeah, they were nightime....

I'm a loser!!