Tuesday, April 24, 2007

James' Birthday

I can't believe my James is four today. Four years old! That means that three years ago today we flew him home from Russia to bring him to his forever home here in the United States. It was a horrible never-ending trip but the journey was worth every minute!

This has been a big year for James...for James and me. No one can bring me to the heights of anger that he can right to laughing until I have tears in my eyes. He's a fireball of sweetness, humor, anxiety, moodiness, silliness and love! This is the year that we did behavior therapy together and I learned to really ignore the annoying, discipline the bad and love the little boy that is my son. I have learned to love his he plays with his toys in ways they were never meant to be played with, how he gets embarrassed and tries to pretend that he doesn't burp or toot, the way he wakes up so early and has learned to stay in his room until mom comes to get him...everything about him is just who he is...and I LOVE MY JAMES!!

It's been a long three years but I would have to say that this one has been my favorite. This was the hardest but it was also the year I started accepting who James is and I can finally love him for him and not for who I wanted him to be. He's perfect! And he's my son!

Happy fourth birthday James!


Let me start off by reminding you that these things only happen to me!!

Last July Jimmy and I traded in his pick-up truck to get me a minivan and he took my explorer. Well, they never changed over the owners of the vehicles. Now the vehicle that we bought ran $800 of toll booths last April and, of course, the bills are coming to us. We dealt with that by faxing the ownership to the toll authority and never went back to the dealer to tell them to fix their mistake. But now...we are receiving notices that our pickup has been impounded and we need to pay the storage and impound penalties on it. Are you kidding me??!!

Only me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Take it like a Man!

Okay, weird thing about me...I hate wimpy men!! I'm all for women's rights and liberation and all that stuff, but I want a man that is a man! I woke up at 4:30am Friday morning and Jimmy was still in bed with me. He was running a 102 degree fever and had a sore throat. Meanwhile, Jagger, who had a dangerously high fever of 105.2 the night before was up and hollering for his cup. I trudged upstairs to get him, brought him into bed with me and gave him a cup of milk. He was much happier...and ready to have some fun! I cuddled and chatted with him until about 6am when we both fell back to sleep. My alarm went off at 6:15...ugh! I left the two sickies alone and started my day.

I got Kaylee off to school. James and Jagger were having breakfast and Jimmy makes his pathetic, sick entrance. I call the doctor for Jagger and then I call for Jim and send him on his way. Jagger has a wicked virus (but the good news is the pink eye that he was diagnosed with on Tuesday is gone..bad news is that James has it now!) and Jimmy has strep.

I cancel my weekend away to the ladies retreat. I know that this is why they are all sick anyways so I might as well give them what they want. What do you know..Jagger seems to get better miraculously. I swear that boy knows when I'm leaving him!

Jimmy comes home from the doctor's and tells me I should go ahead and go to the retreat. First of all, we all know moms don't leave when their babies are sick (and that includes husbands). Second of all, he says this as he is heading to the bedroom to go comatose for three hours. Yeah, that's someone I want to watch my children. Of course I was totally annoyed that Jim just went off to bed for three hours...what I would do to be able to do that when I'm sick! Then he gets up and I'm okay again. Then he starts to go back to bed. Finally I broke...I told him that I'm sorry he felt like butt but that I needed him to at least stay in the room with me and chat with me. I can't handle being left alone. And I hate seeing him asleep! It's the weirdest thing...I like my man to suck it up. But we all know that men suck when they are sick!!

Everyone is better now. Jimmy even got up and went to work on Monday although he was not at 100% yet. The children are all back at school. And somebody owes me a weekend away!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is finally over. I've been counting down the days until the kids go back to school. Okay, you know I had a fun weekend with them...but really, three kids is tiring!! And here's the kicker...Kaylee woke up sick today so she is home from school! Ugh!!

On Good Friday Hilde, Chris and I took the kids to see the replica of the Christopher Columbus boat, the Nina. When we pulled up James looked at all the boats off the pier and said "I am NOT going on a boat!!" He had me laughing so hard! Poor guy, we've traumatized him for life with our canoe tip! After the boat we all went to the park and had a picnic. The kids played for about an hour. What a beautiful day in the sun!

James went on his first real sleepover on Friday night. Hilde and I traded kids. She got James and we took Hillary. We also went and picked up Mere-Kate. I took all three of the girls to see the move The Last Mimzy (awesome movie!) and then we met Jim and Jagger at Cici's for Pizza. I haven't spent an afternoon eating that much junk food since I was 12! Then we headed home for baths, Twister and a late night girl chat fest!

The funniest thing about the sleepover is that Kaylee lost her tooth earlier in the day. And poor Jimmy had to wait until all of the girls were asleep until he could play tooth fairy. That didn't happen until after midnight! What a good daddy! I noticed some of my chocolate bars were missing in the morning and Mere-Kate told me that they had eaten them before bed. Jimmy never let them have them so he said that they must have snuck by when he fell asleep in front of the computer. That created this wonderful vision of the girls tip-toeing around the computer room to sneak the chocolate...too funny!

Saturday morning the girls were up early. That's okay because I kept Jagger in bed with us so that the girls wouldn't wake him up...that was pointless! The kid kept us up all night and I had been up since five when I heard the girls at 6:30am. We got them all dressed, hair straightened and looking very Eastery and then off we went to the Pancake breakfast and egg hunt at CBUMC. We had a late winter chill and it was freezing cold but the kids still had a blast hunting for eggs. We came home and all took at two and a half hour and dad included!!

Saturday night it was off to Jeremy and Amber's. We had grilled hamburgs and hot dogs and of course, another egg hunt! Kaylee met a friend there but at one point she came over to talk to me. I was holding her in my arms (she was wrapped around me like a monkey...that girl is all legs and arms!) and she pushed off from the counter with her foot. There was a little girl riding a kid toy behind me so as I was falling to the ground I had to arch my legs and try not to hit her. I still knocked her over. I have a bruised calf and my back is killing me from the jolt of landing on my big butt! Poor little girl cried for fifteen minutes...I would too if some giant just landed on me! Kaylee wasn't trying to make me fall and she felt so bad. I was hurting so bad, rubbing the little girl who I landed on and trying to let Kaylee know she wasn't in trouble. And poor Jimmy missed it all because he was outside!

Easter Sunday the kids woke up to their Easter baskets. We all had some chocolate for breakfast, followed by eggs and bacon. Off to church we went. We thought we were going to the not packed service...apparently so did everyone else! We had to sit outside of the sanctuary with the doors open. It was a beautiful service! I didn't cook because we didn't have any family in so we all went out to Cracker Barrel. Yummy! Then we all came home and took three hour naps again! At 4:00 it was time to head over to Joy and Kent's guessed it, another Easter egg hunt. It was great to be with all of our small group friends. We had a wonderful time and it was a perfect way to end our Easter.

I don't know which idiot decided on the school calender that we should have a bad weather day at the end of Easter weekend, but we did, and so everyone was home again on Monday. Jagger was sick with runny eyes and nose so we went to the doctor's. Pink eye. Haven't paid the deductible for this year yet....$56. Ugh! Then we had to do some grocery shopping. Home for naps again..this time it was just Jagger. Jim came home early and we had a nice night together.

Tuesday now....Kaylee's turn to go to the doctor. Jagger doesn't have school on Tuesdays. James better wake up feeling fine! Let's get things back to normal around here!! I do have ladies retreat coming up this weekend...can you say excited?!!