Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farewell Fiesta

What a wonderful party we had last night! Well, aside from my air conditioner not working (could anything else go wrong right now??!) We had lots of friends over and lots of food and good laughs. It was a perfect evening. Jimmy really enjoyed himself and getting to see the people he loved before he leaves. He is leaving today at lunch time. I'm praying for safe travels for you honey!!

I only got two pictures last night! We were so busy visiting that I never got the camera out..ugh! The first one is Jim and Kent. Then it's Jim and Jen. Nice smiles everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2008

We're Moving!

Our buyers signed a contract on our house at 8:30 last night! Jimmy dropped the contract at the title company and we are good to go. We have a closing date of August 21st at this point unless the mortgage company can complete their side earlier. This is such a huge piece of the puzzle of us moving. We truly believe this has all been God else could we sell our house in this market in less than a month??! Keep praying for us!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

DR Horton to the Rescue!

Very soon after sending out the pictures of the leak, including an email to a DR Horton address, I had an email saying the email had just been forwarded and could they please have my address and phone number. And just over an hour later I had a representative and the superintendant of our neighborhood at our house. They took some pictures, went back to the office to confer and then came back and told me that everything would be replaced. I mean, they are ripping the wall out and redoing it. There will be new cabinets, new counters, carpet will be fixed, the whole nine yards. They will also repay the $165 we paid the plumber and the two meals we had to eat out because the sink didn't work. I'm very happy and I'm sure my new buyers will be also...they are essentially getting half a new kitchen for free! The work is starting August 5th and should take 2-3 days to complete. I'll upload pictures when it happens!! Thanks for all of your positive encouragement!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Beautiful DR Horton Leak

Check out my the pics of the great leak. Turns out the builder put a nail right through the pipe and here's the mess we are dealing with! But of course DR Horton is presently doing nothing about it!!

The first picture is of the mold we found under the kitchen cabinets. The second picture is the damage on the common wall after we took off the sheet rock. This is the side the nail was put in. You would think that if they were going to put particle board under the sheet rock to protect the pipe then maybe they would have used shorter nails??!

Here's the pipe the way the plumber found it. Nope, he didn't cut was like this.

And oh, looky here...a nail right through the pipe!!

This is a containment that they have set around both sides to suck all of the moisture out over the next day or two. The hoses are then put into the bucket to collect the water that is drawn out.

This last picture is of the water we found this morning at 6am. The machines have only been working since 2pm yesterday. I was shocked at how much was in there!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Job

Jimmy accepted the job in Denver, Colorado! He is so excited about all of the new opportunities that this is going to bring him. It's going to be a great move professionally and personally. We are amazed at how far God has brought us in the last month and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Everything has been going along smoothly and we even have a buyer for our home which is pretty amazing these days! Unfortunately, we found mold under our sink. That same day we went to small group and our friend Roger pointed out that mold is dirty and gross just like Satan and he's just trying to throw us off our nice smooth road. So, okay Satan, it's on. The contractor came out yesterday and told us that it's a water leak and it's all in the common wall and in the carpet of the living room. They are coming back today to remove part of the wall and see where exactly the leak is coming from and what we'll have to do to fix it. So, I'm guessing Satan heard that we are ready for a fight. Well BOO to you Satan...the battle has already been won for us and you lost idiot!! We'll fix this thing. And our buyers still want to buy. And if they change their mind then we'll rent out. All things come together for the glory of God!!

In good news, we were approved for our home loan yesterday. There wasn't ever really any doubt but it's nice to have that part taken care of. Our realtor previewed some houses for us and we think we've narrowed it down. Jimmy will leave on Sunday and hopefully be able to get a contract on a house by Tuesday so that the kids and I can come up three weeks later! This is moving so fast and we're loving the ride!