Friday, July 22, 2011

Dave Ramsey Update

We have been following Dave Ramsey's 7 Financial Steps since September of 2009. It has changed our lives as I've said a million times before! If you have never had the chance to take the course, I highly recommend it. It doesn't matter where you are financially, I promise it will change your habits and how you think about spending and saving.

Anyways, we have been stuck on Step 2 since January of 2010. We have done a bit of Step 3 and some of Step 4 but I want out of Step 2. We are so darn close. We just have my car to pay off. We have been putting extra on it and we should not have more than 6 months left at most. Hopefully we will be able to pull it off before then. The move to TX derailed us slightly as did all the decorating we have done to the house to get it ready for summer visitors. But I went in to make a payment yesterday and saw the balance and got totally fired up again! I want this car payment gone!

And I want to be able to call Dave Ramsey on his radio show on Debt Free Friday and scream WE ARE DEBT FREEEEE!!!! Oh that felt good! That's going to feel so awesome to do it out loud and not on the computer!! I can't wait!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Favorite Day

My 18th birthday and my graduation ceremonies just happened to be on the same day. October 16, 1994. My Dad and my sisters drove down to Montreal to my Mom's house and we all celebrated the day together. It was the first time, since I was 6 years old, to have my whole family doing something together. We took a picture and it has been in my wallet ever since. We never got the chance to do this again since my dad died just a year and a half after this picture was taken. It is a memory I treasure!