Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Been too long

I can't believe it's been since James' birthday that I've written. I'm amazed at how time goes by so quickly. I once read a quote in Reader's Digest that said "When you have kids, the days are endless but the years fly by." I don't know who said it but I totally get it!

I'm addicted to Have you been there? You get on and make your little profile and wait like an hour and then every one from your past finds you! Well, not really an hour, and not really everyone, but it feels like it. I've met up with friends from all the way back to elementary school. It's kind of nuts. Fun though!

The one thing that I hate about telling people about my blog is that I can't really blog about you if you know about it. I went through a rough time with a friend a while ago and had to stop myself from blogging because I didn't want to upset her. So, I think you all need to sign a disclaimer when I tell you about this can't get mad at me if your name appears! Better you know what I'm thinking than not, right?

Without going into the specifics of the friend or the situation, there was a major lesson that I learned. The grass is not always greener on the other side! I've always wanted to be prettier, have more money, dress my kids know, what we all want. Well the girl that carries all the Coach purses tells me that they are all knock-offs and she doesn't spend more than twenty bucks on a purse! The girl I think is absolutely gorgeous and works out all the time, she obsesses about her weight, binge eats, has fake boobs and dyed hair! The one that I thought dressed her kids beautifully is swimming in a sea of debt! Are you kidding me? Lesson learned...I'm not perfect, but I'm happy! I will stop looking around at what everyone else has and start enjoying what I have.

Another thing...I have learned: that I need to be more confident in my parenting. I took some heat from friends who thought I was being ugly for not letting James have a TV in his room when I've let Kaylee since she was three. Even Jagger, since age one, has known how to work this said TV. Well, the upstairs TV got fried during a thunderstorm and so I moved the TV (with the built in VCR player) into the playroom. Not even 24 hours later James had broken it. Completely ruined it is in the trash! So, point and case. I know what my children do and what they are capable of doing. James is an engineer and does not need electrical things in his room!! Again, lesson learned.

Jagger had his birthday party this weekend. We had an Elmo swim party. It was awesome. I even made Elmo cupcakes. Yeah..go me! I had just close friends over: Jen and her kids, Hilde and hers and Dena and hers. Perfect time. I can't believe my little man is two though. I no longer have a baby in my house. I'm pretty sure it's time to have another one! But only if it's a girl. And she wears bows. And dresses. And only if it's within the next year. Yeah, maybe we don't need another one...I can dream though!

I still haven't sold the baby crib. Probably because I've listed it too high. Maybe because I don't really want to get rid of it. Ugh! We're having a garage sale this weekend and so if it hasn't gone by then, it should go at the sale. Why is letting go always so hard? I've never really been good at that kind of stuff.

So, I'm going to try to be more disciplined this summer. Write more. It's therapeutic. And it makes the nosey people in my life feel better. See you soon!