Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bible Update

For those of you keeping track..I'm on Job. In the middle of Job. And wow, people really are different once you get to know them. I mean we've all heard the stories of Job...God allows Satan to strip him of just about everything and he still praises God. And we all want to be as perfect as Job.

But then you actually read the whole book and it's a bit of a different story. I mean, yes, that is an accurate account of what happens. But you don't usually hear about his friends that come along and tell him that it must be his fault because these things only happen to people who sin. He should just confess the big sin and be on with it. Wow...don't we all wish we had friends like that?? Not! Well, Job tells them that he didn't sin and also that they are horrible comforters...which I would happen to agree with it!

But Job doesn't just lie around thinking "Praise God!" He gets impatient. He asks God why He left him. He says that he would rather have not been born. He would rather die than to live life as it is. I was like..what? Job talking like that to God? So I referred myself to the book that I have called Who's Who and Where's Where In The Bible because I thought I surely had to be reading it wrong. But no, it's true, Job was really angry and very impatient. It does go on to say that the book of Job ends well and I look forward to finishing the story

I just found it very interesting that just like in real life, some characters in the bible are different on the inside than they are on the surface. And just like real life, we have to get to know the person instead of just listening to here say. (And by the way, when I say character I am in no way implying that the people in the bible are fictional!)

Anyways, the journey is continuing. And some days are harder than others to keep reading but I'm almost halfway done now. I am still on track with the daily readings that are in the back of my bible and should be done by the end of the year. I think this is one of my biggest accomplishments!

It's A Monster Birthday!

Jagger had his party this weekend. And it was soooo fun! Our friend, Javin, brought over his monster truck and had that parked in the driveway while Jagger's friends drove up. It was so exciting for Jagger when he saw it. He actually took his hand and walked around the whole vehicle touching it! So cute. We also had a moonwalk with a monster truck on it and then we had some kiddie pools so we could cool was very hot. Oh, and Dena was so nice and bought Jagger a CARS sprinkler bop-it bag..the kids loved that!

The kids had a lot of fun. Javin was so sweet and took them all for drives around the block. Jagger was very nervous about that but once the first block was over and we were coming home he said no no no, I want to go again! Very cute. I made a monster truck cupcake cake for the kids. It was an idea that I found on the internet and it turned out great.

The day was very hot. It was nice to have the pool to cool off in. What a fun fun birthday. Happy Birthday little man!