Monday, July 2, 2007

What's going on...

I know you will get tired of my excuses soon, but it really is harder than I thought to keep a blog. I think part of the problem is that I have such a great social network. Whenever something happens to me I have my family or my friends to call and it all gets off my chests...good or bad. I'm not one of those people that hides anything get what you see with holding back!

Last week we had Vacation Bible School. The kids had a blast. Kaylee cried the first morning, she is the one that is scared to try anything new. By the end of the week she was inviting friends and telling them how awesome it is. James was running in on Monday morning..finally!, something to get me away from my mother! That boy thrives on seeing and doing new things. If I could find something for him to do every minute of every day, he still would want more! Jagger had a great week too. Lots of play time in the nursery with lots of yummy snacks and crafts. It was a perfect week for them.

I painted the nursery while the kids were enjoying VBS. I was soooo nervous. I couldn't sleep for three nights beforehand. This was the first time I had painted where so many people would see my work. The first two rooms turned out cute but the monkey room is my absolute favorite. I think I surprised even myself with that mural! I still have some finishing up to do on all of the rooms. I want to write bible verses in each room. I have found ones for the koala, turtle and bunny room but I need one for the monkey room. The kids in that room are about to turn two and are kind of at a wild stage. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
We all made our six month visits to the dentist last week. It was kind of interesting for all of us. Jimmy had this black hole thing on his gums....made him kind of look like a redneck. He was nervous but it turned out it was just calcium build up, it's a hereditary thing he's always dealt with but never had it gotten so bad in six months. Too funny..poor guy thought he was going to lose his two front bottom teeth!! haha Next up was James, he went for his first dental visit on Tuesday morning. He did awesome! Swallowed the toothpaste though! He wanted so bad to use the straw sucker but any time he had to part his lips a bit he always swallowed first. Other than that the dentist said he has perfect teeth and he does not foresee any orthodontics in his future. Kaylee went next and she did great. No cavities. Great hygiene. Her appliance is pushing against her gum and moving one of her adult teeth around but that can be dealt with.
I'm going to start a whole other paragraph for me. I had the hygienist from hell!! Okay that's probably kind of dramatic..but she hurt me!! First she took forever with the x-rays while I gagged forever on the bite-down-thingys! Then she scraped my teeth and made sure she went under every single millimeter of gum to do it! I was bleeding so bad. I kept wincing and she asked if I wanted a topical solution. I said no. She said that she noticed that I've used the laughing gas before and I explained that was to help out with the cavity that I had filled, not for a routine visit. She says that I seem like I'm very sensitive to which I reply that I have just never had this done before. She is amazed that no one has checked under my gums before. At that point I correct her and say that they have checked just never quite like this!! I think I hurt her feelings because she didn't even scrape my last molar. Then when she rinsed with the water sprayer she went right over the front of my teeth and got it all over my face...she had to get a cloth to clean my face off!!! Ummm...I don't know if we can request to not get a specific hygienist. but I don't want her again!!!
We put our house up on the market two weeks ago. I'm already impatient about the whole thing. I like things to move if we could just sell this week then that might be quick enough for me. We've decided to go out to Atascocita. We're just not thrilled with Baytown. Don't get me wrong, I love our friends here. The hardest part of leaving will be starting over with new friends, new church, new schools...etc. I think it will be a good family move though. I need something that is more outdoor based. I want sidewalks, bike paths, real shopping centers and fun, safe parks for my kids to play at. Baytown has been fun but it's time to move on.
Nothing much else is going on. It's a rainy day and I believe it's going to be a rainy week. We have fourth of July on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to doing some festive stuff with the family but other than that, I think we're just hanging out at home. My sister and her kiddos will be here in 9 more sleeps!! Now that I can't wait for!!