Monday, October 26, 2009

Spirit Week - Monday

Today is wear red AND crazy hair day. Kaylee didn't wear red but put sparkles in her hair...that wild girl!

James got black hair. Sooo fun!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hot Heads Pepperspread

So, I have a couple of friends, Keith and Jeff, that have gone into the business of making pepper spreads. Jeff has dropped off a couple of sample bottles and Jimmy has taken them into work for the guys to try.

The last sample was Hoppin' Jalepeno. I'm not much of a "hot and spicy" girl but I knew that my girlfriend was making chicken enchiladas for our bunco meeting that night. I decided to take the bottle with me. I got my delicious enchiladas and then put a big spoonful of Hoppin' Jalepeno right on top. OH MY GOSH...THAT STUFF WAS HOT!! But even though I was breathing fire I couldn't stop myself from taking the next bite. There was just something delicious about it.

I brought the leftover home and put it in the fridge. I was making a tuna sandwich for lunch one day and I just happened to see the jar of Hoppin' Jalapeno when I went to get the mayo out of the fridge. I decided to mix a big tablespoon into the tuna. It was AWESOME!! Best tuna sandwich of my life.

My new goal was to put this stuff in everything and see how it changed the taste.

We needed a last minute dinner on a busy night in the Clinton house. I decided to make Hamburger Helper. The kids ate theirs and then I made myself a plate. Then I remembered the pepper spread. I got a spoonful and mixed it into my plate....and PRESTO! My crappy hamburger helper turned into my favorite meal! It was so good I made it again the next day for Jimmy. Delish!

We've mixed it into curry chicken and pasta salad with chutney...made it have a pepper jam flavor...loved it!

Mixed it into our chili and scrambled eggs breakfast burrito...way to start the day off with a kick.

I'm telling you, this stuff can be put in anything! And me, the one who does not like spicy, I just bought two more jars!

For information on ordering, check out their website at You'll be glad you tried it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Snow

Okay, now we have some real snow. What a beautiful sight to wake up to on a Saturday morning!! So blessed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm drinking a mug of hot chocolate as I write and share these pictures of OUR FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR!!

The weather has been teasing us all day. Rain and then small snow mixed in the rain and finally BIG FLUFFY FLAKES!! My kids were tripping over eachother coming home from the bus stop to tell us it was snowing. They are soo excited.

Kaylee couldn't stay home. Her friend next door joined her and they are still outside two hours later. What fun! Here they are laughing and playing. You can't really see the snow but you can see the marks from them on the sidewalk. Oh, what fun!!

Jagger wanted to get in on the fun and got on his big ol' jacket to go outside and play. The flakes got smaller but he enjoyed it as much as Kaylee did! And we all know you can't go into the snow without trying to catch a flake on your tongue!

Some of you are wondering where my precious James is. Unfortunately he has gotten 3 bad reports out of 4 days of school this week which means he misses the festivities. So sad...

Off I go to enjoy the rest of my hot chocolate...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barr Lake State Park

Today Jim and I took Jagger to Barr Lake State Park for a little hike. The park is just a few minutes from the house but this was our first visit. It was the perfect way to kick off October and all of the Fall colors!

This is a blue heron. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to work in time but I did see one!!

The water was down in the little waterway that was beside us and there was this small puddle...and a huge fish in it. A very strange sight indeed.

Are you kidding me?? I live for these moments in Fall!!

The hike was 1.3 miles each way. We stopped in a gazebo for a snack at the turn around point. Could you not just eat this kid up?!!

What a beautiful day of fresh air and God's beauty!