Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Stronger

This running more often is really working!

At the beginning of the year I was running a 4.6 on the treadmill. Now my base run is a 5.0. I used to run 1 to 2 miles per run. Now I'm running a minimum of 30 minutes which translates to 2.5 miles. I even make it to 3 miles or more at least twice a week.

This weekend I decided to take on my neighborhood nemesis...THE HILL. There is a house that I love that has an amazing view. It is on the other side of the neighborhood and you have to do this big hill (I'm talking TX hill, not Colorado, so it's really like a dip in the road and then back up...but it's always scared me to try to run it!) in order to get to this house. Well, on Saturday I thought screw it, I'm going for it. What's the worst that can happen?!

And I did it!

Getting out to the house was felt so farrrrr! When I got there I turned around and walked 3 driveways. Then I was like...I'll get there faster if I run and I just want this over with now. So I ran. And I think it's the first time my endorphins ever kicked in on a run...I felt like I was flying on the way home, the hill didn't even register with my body on the way back and when I finished I still had more to give. It was awesome!

Then I went to and mapped it out. I did 3.42 miles. Not my farthest run (that would be 4.0) but my farthest outside. And I conquered THE HILL!

I do take a day off every once in a while but I'm learning to push through the walls. I'm getting stronger because I'm training harder. Which means I can go farther and longer.

I'm thinking the Boulder Boulder in May...time to tackle the 10K....