Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Cake

Last night we had our small group bible study. We always have dinner together before we get into our study and last night we shared James' birthday cake for dessert. Our wonderful friend Colleen introduced us to the most delicious ice cream cake in the world a couple of months ago. James was sure from that moment on that he wanted to have it for his birthday. So, I was given instructions, made a practice cake for my friend Amy's 40th birthday and then yesterday finally got to make one for James. Oh how yummy it was!!

Thanks to my sweet friend Julie for all of the wonderful pictures you are about to see!

Drum Roll please.....THE CAKE!!

Singing the most beautiful Happy Birthday ever to the best 7 year old in the whole world!

Ok..this one is a classic! Check out the monkey cheeks!

Giving daddy the candles..what a great profile pic!

Are you kidding me?? This beautiful face is the only reason he doesn't get in more trouble than he does!!

Ummm...he looks like he is going to puke.....

More whip cream please.

Small group...

Happy Birthday again my Sweet Boy!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today was my big man's 7th birthday. Sooo exciting!!

We've decided not to do birthday parties anymore. Instead we let the kids choose 1 friend and then we go anywhere that they choose. James chose his best friend Katherine and we went to see the Earth Day movie, Oceans, on Thursday night. It was PHENOMENAL! The kids loved it as much as I did. Go out and see it if you get the chance.

So, today was just family day.

We always have the kids presents waiting for them at their spot at the kitchen table on their actual birthday. James was thrilled with all of his gifts. He got Moon Sand, Bendaroos and a mini bowling game.

James had requested pancakes for breakfast so he was served that on the "special plate." You'll see a picture of it at the end of the post.

I had a gift certificate to Echter's Nursery so we headed on over there after breakfast. We try to do our planting on Earth Day but since we went to see the movie this year we used this morning to get that done. James got a huge tomato plant, Jagger got a strawberry Topsy Turvy and Kaylee bought some little flowers to plant in soup cans for a project she is doing at school.

We are having a birthday cake with our small group friends tomorrow and I didn't want to make 2 cakes. So we went somewhere super special instead...Big Fat Cupcake! It was DELICIOUS!! The cupcakes were super yummy and so big that none of us could finish ours. James chose chocolate with chocolate icing. The rest of us got something called "Everything." They were a chocolate cupcakes with icing and then everything thrown into the icing: kit kats, hershey bars, peanut butter cups, crushed heath bars....OH MY!! Sadly I forgot my camera!! I have some pics on my phone but have no idea how to get them onto my computer...SOO SAD! It was a really fun experience and we all really enjoyed singing happy birthday to James in such a super cool place!

At my kid's elementary school they were holding a County Fair today to raise money for the PTO. We went there from 2-4 and ate more junk food, played games, jumped in bouncy houses and hung out with lots of fun friends.

James decided he absolutely wanted to go out for dinner tonight. So much so that he was willing to spend some of his own money. to MacDonald's we went. I can't remember the last time we ate this much junk food in one day! It was yummy and disgusting and made my James very happy so it was totally worth it!

The boys have just finished their baths and are running around playing with toys right now. Kaylee is vegging in front of the tv. Jimmy is gone to work. And I'm doing everything I can to stay awake! EXHAUSTED!!

What a fun day! Happy Birthday to my most favorite 7 year old in the whole wide world!!

Enjoy the pictures...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Morning

Oh, what a glorious thing...a Father who gave His one and only son so that we could be free!! So, that all of our sins could be forgiven! And yet he knew we would continue to sin because he gave us free will...yet, He still sacrificed his son for us. What an awesome God we serve!

And then there is the commercial side of Easter.....

Easter Baskets!
So many good things!!
Movies, movies movies! James got Bob's Big Break and Shrek something or other...both in 3D.

Kaylee with her beautiful bed head! Sooo happy that she got Justin Bieber CDs.

Ohhhh...yummmy chocolate for breakfast!

Hershey Kisses for breakfast....

Cadsbury mini eggs for breakfast....

Checking out the new bubble wands...and yes, we already need more bubble solution!

Check out my sweet girl's Easter outfit....gotta love her!

For a whole year I anticipate the sweet taste of my favorite Cadsbury Creme Eggs...and every year it is just as delectable!!

The kids checking out one of James' 3D movies after church. Gotta love the noodle that Kaylee is slurping up!

We decided that we are sooo over holiday meals right now. So, we invited our sweet friends, the Essers, over for an Easter dinner to remember....hamburgers and homemade fries. And they brought a yummy candybar chocolate pie for dessert. It was perfect! I wish I would have taken pics. We played a game, laughed a lot and the kids ran around like monkeys. A perfect evening indeed!
I pray that your day was also filled with fun, family and love. Happy Easter!