Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Time


Even I can't believe how long it has been since I've written on this blog. Life is just flying by....

Biggest news....we're moving back to Texas!!

Reasons why??

Heat!! I hate winter! I remember loving the winters. It is not nearly as fun now that I have to go out to get groceries, drive kids to school, shovel, wait for my car to warm up....grrrrr. And I did all of that last week as the temperatures went down to -20!! This cold and snow stuff is for the birds!!

Church. We have really struggled here with finding a church. We have one that we like more than others but it doesn't even compare with the missions and message at Second Baptist Church in Baytown. We are soooo longing to get back to our church!

Family. Who moves away from family to a place where they have none? I don't understand the point. My children are losing the relationships they once had with their Aunt and their Grandparents. That breaks my heart. It isn't possible to be close to both of our families but it is possible to be close to one of them....and we need to be.

Medical. This part makes me sound like such an old lady!! I have glaucoma. It doesn't bother me very much...unless I'm in high altitude! Who knew?! I get really bad headaches here and they drive me nuts. I seem to pop tylenol like they are M&Ms. Kaylee and I also have Stickler Syndrome. With this syndrome you apparently are not allowed to use nitrous gas in high altitude. So when Kaylee had to have her tooth filled she had to go to the Children's Hospital to have it done in case of any complications. Odd...but true!

We've learned a lot here in Colorado. It's been an awesome journey and we will remember this adventure forever. I think we came here because we needed to try things on our own...without our family and friends and see if we could make it. We did make it. But we want to go home now. It will be fun to travel back here to see the awesome friends we've made but our homebase needs to be in Baytown.

We still have lots to do. Jimmy is working on a few leads for jobs in Texas. We have the house on the market (and we've had 4 showings in 12 days!!) so we are hoping that will move quickly. The timeline is to get the kids and me to TX as soon as school is out and Jimmy will either go ahead of us or behind us depending on the job situation. However, we know God has things perfectly figured out already and we are just trying to take our cues!

We hope that you will pray for us as we make this desired move back home. We want this to be done with God's blessing and His hands all over the whole situation.

Until then...the whole family will be counting down the days to get us back to the South and some good ol' mexican food!!