Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Hurdles

My boys are gone. And I miss them...well, not really, but I'm sure I will soon. Right now I'm just enjoying the quiet and the clean house, including the finger-print free glass on the coffee table! But I know the missing them will come when it gets dark...doesn't everything look bleak in the dark?!! They have just gone to the country for their annual summer trip. This is the first year that Jagger has been old enough to join in on the fun. Kaylee still has another week of school and her time will come closer to July. I know Mamaw and Papaw are going to love on them like crazy. And I will miss them enough to love them even more when they come home! Have fun boys! Mommy is going to sleep!

This has been a crazy week. I am one of those people that has been lucky enough to avoid major tragedy in my life. My first funeral that I went to was my dad's and that was when I was 19. My family is healthy and I really have been very blessed. Then this week it just felt like I was hit from every corner. One friend has colon cancer, the other has cervical cancer. One friend is unexpectedly pregnant and very unsure of her future. One friend and her husband are separated and on their way to divorce. The other's husband told her he was leaving and would be gone in a week. It's just been a week of major revelations and I feel overwhelmed by it all. And I can't imagine how the people that are going through these things are feeling. I've been praying a lot!

Speaking of prayer. I heard about the book This Present Darkness and borrowed it from the library for Jim to read. He said it was great and I should read it. Now, I am prone to nightmares and Jim knows that so I made sure to ask him if it was okay for ME to read it. He said sure. And the book is phenomenal. It's about how during real life there are angels and demons all around us duking it out for us. One father was having an arguement with his daughter and she ran off and the demon of complacency grabbed a hold of his legs and just slowed him down so much that he felt tired and didn't run after her. Now on the flip side, if he had prayed then the demon would have been rebuked and an angel would have watched over him and put the proper thoughts in his head to run after his daughter. Pretty cool.

Okay, so stay with me. There is a major demon that takes over the town. And the two that the Lord feels will fight the right battle need to be tested. So, the angels are given orders to guard them and make sure they are not killed but are told to let the demons have at them for one night (sort of a Job thing). So, they go to bed and then the demons pop into their heads with nightmares. Then they wake up and are covered with sheer terror. And there are noises in the house because the demons are trying to freak them out. It all turns out okay and they pass the test. But HELLOOOO JIMMMYYY!! Did you not think this would be nightmare quality material??!! I was so freaked out lastnight. Jim was out doing a ride-along with the cops and I was home alone until 3am. I read that part of the book and then read the whole chapter of Esther in the bible (I'm moving onto Job now for those of you keeping up!). Then I heard noises. I was a serious holy roller lastnight. I was rebuking demons in the name of the Lord. I was binding my children's spirit up in the name of Jesus Christ. I was praying like I've never prayed in my life!! Funny thing though...I had the best sleep ever after that! Maybe I won some kind of battle too?!

Well, I'm praying for a lot of people right now. And mostly I'm praying that this week will be a week of healing and learning and happy endings. I know it's a big order...but I serve a big God! May peace be with you and may you have angels all around you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Big Man Graduates!!

What a wonderful evening! James was so handsome in his little outfit and his gorgeous blond hair. I thought I would be fine because one has already graduated and one is still going to be at home. But nope..I had a few tears!

Well, enjoy the pics. There are ones of him getting ready, getting his diploma and a few with friends. I love the one with all three of my kids...could anyone put their eyes on the camera please??? And the one with Mrs. Harmon...well she will have Jagger next year and will be the first one to have all three of my kids in her class. Lucky her!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Family Camp

Wow! I am so blessed. I have such wonderful friends with absolutely fabulous children. We just got back today from our second anual weekend away with just moms and our kiddos. Back to Crier Creek. It was another perfect weekend. My kids and I have so much fun going every year, I can't imagine not doing it now. Here are some great pics I wanted to share.