Friday, October 18, 2013

48 Hours!!


I've trained for 12 weeks for this and now it is just 48 hours away!!  YIKES!!

I have been fighting a cruddy cold that is trying to creep in and I think I may be winning the battle.  I've been taking Vitamin C, drinking lots of chamomile tea, lounging in long hot baths and downing ibuprofen and acetaminophen like they are M&Ms.  I've been running outside the last couple of runs to get my lungs used to the colder weather.  I am doing all I can to be in tip top shape for Sunday.

I have been stressing over clothes a little.  It's supposed to be chilly, but not terribly so.  I did buy a pair of Nike long running pants and tried them out last night.  I like them.  They have a pouch in the back that hold my phone so I tried it and it only bothered me minimally.  I am pretty sure I'll wear an old sweater to the start line and then discard and donate at the start line or in the first couple miles on the sidelines.  I also bought some Nike running gloves.  I've liked them so far.  My hands get so cold when I run.  Even if I don't have sleeves I'm sure I'll still want those gloves.  I have one more 3 mile run in my schedule which I'll do tomorrow morning in the cold and make sure I'm comfortable with all of my choices.  

Mostly I'm just trying to keep my head in the game.  I'm trying to stay focused.  I get stressed out when I think of the race day too much so I just focus on today's goals and try not to look ahead.  I'm scared to jinx myself at this point!

My sweet, sweet husband has used his hotel points and gotten us a hotel just 3 blocks from the starting line on Sunday morning.  I'm so happy that I'll be so close and not have to worry about getting the kids up extra early, traffic or parking problems.  I'm also super happy that the whole family wants to be there to support me.  Because the run means nothing if I don't have them in the end!

So, it will start tomorrow when we go to the convention center for the Expo and pick up my race packet.  We'll hang out in Denver and enjoy a nice relaxing family day.  My next post probably won't be until after the race.  If you think about it, pray for me.  My goal is to finish.  I would like to do it in under 2:40 but that is secondary to just getting across the finish line.

Now I'm off to start hydrating!  My least favorite part of the prerace routines...but it must be done!

Happy Running!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get Yer Head in the Game!

Week 9 of training was the worst week of training I had.  I was just over it.  I couldn't get motivated.  Once I started to run I just wanted to stop and go home.  It culminated with an 8 mile run on Sunday that turned into a 4.3 mile run/walk and a 4 mile hilly bike ride.  I was done!

Then I decided to sit down and really look over the last couple of weeks of training.  I had stopped doing the cross training on Monday nights.  The gym was closed for 3 weeks so I just cleaned my house instead on those days.  One time I just completely skipped and ate half of a pizza and watched Monday Night Football instead.  I had also stopped running on the treadmill and started running outside.  It was good practice to be out all the time but I wasn't doing any intervals or fartleks for strength training.  I had stopped drinking water as much I had been through the beginning of training.  So...maybe my body wasn't tiring out.  Maybe it was because I wasn't following the training plan anymore.

So, last Monday I decided it was going to be a week of following the plan.  Week 10 of training was on!  I did a chisel class at the gym Monday night that left me feeling like jello.  I jumped on the treadmill on Tuesday and did 6 miles of fartleks.  I rested on Wednesday, thank the good Lord, because my legs were like spaghetti after the first two days!  Thursday it was 5 miles of hills and they were awesome.  I conquered a hilly loop that terrifies me, and my wonderful husband cheered me on the whole way riding his bike alongside me!  Friday it was back to resting.  Saturday was an easy 4 miles so I did it on the treadmill at a nice slow pace.  And then Sunday was the peak of the whole training schedule...11 MILES!!  I did it on the treadmill.  It took 2 hours.  8 minutes.  32 seconds.  CRAZY!!!

And now it is Monday again and surprisingly I didn't even wake up sore.  And I headed back to the gym for some more chisel tonight. 

Turns out sticking to the plan works.

It's all downhill in training from here.  The runs are shorter and not so intense.  I have a 7 miler left this Sunday but nothing longer than that.  It's all about staying healthy and strong right now.  And in 13 days I'll get to reap the rewards. 

Getting super excited!

And did I mention that my birthday is in 9 days?  We are going to wait until after the race to go to my favorite cupcake place in Denver called The Shoppe to celebrate.  If nothing else motivates me come October 20th, knowing there will be cupcakes when it is all over will get me across that finish line!!

I appreciate all the love and support you guys have poured on me through this journey.  We're almost there!

Keep Running!  And be blessed!