Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Couple of Dumb Blonde Moments

Yesterday I had to call our medical insurance company to clear up a few questions about Kaylee's ear tube surgery that she had this past spring.

Insurance Representative: Who is the child you are calling in reference to?

Me: Kaylee

IR: Is this your primary insurance:

Me: Huh:

IR: Is this your PRIMARY insurance?

Me: Well, she's my first child. (Thinking: But doesn't it get distributed equally among them??).

IR: this the ONLY insurance coverage you have?

Me: Ohhhhh

IR: (Unashamedly laughing at me on the phone....)

Jimmy: (staring at me in complete disbelief that he just heard this half of the conversation in his kitchen).

Me: Hey Julie, will I have to pay a penalty if I wait until October 2nd to get my inspection if it was due in September.

Julie: I don't know but you just got one last year when you moved here so it shouldn't be due for another year.

Me: No, I just paid my registration and got a new sticker for 2010 but I still have an 09 sticker.

Julie: Do you think that might mean the month?

Me: No. It says 09 really big so it is due in 09.

Julie: I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let you do your registration without an inspection so I don't think it's due.

Me: Whatever. I'll call them tomorrow.

I get off the phone and go back and look at the stickers. Then I pull out my registration forms and look at the HUGE print on the envelope which states that they are not sending me a month sticker to go with the year sticker since it will still be due in the same month, just a new year.

And did you know that September is the 9th month of the year??

I need some sleep!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brighton Blade 9-23-09

Here is an article that I wrote that ran this week. Mark just called me this morning to let me know that they received several leads from it so fun to hear that people are reading and even taking some of my suggestions!! I love it!

A Well of Trouble

I just had the nicest gentleman in my house. It was very clear to me that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Let me explain.

Having lived in Texas for 10 years, my family is pretty new to basements. And brand new to window wells. Even when I lived in Canada I don’t remember seeing any window wells. Apparently they are on the newer buildings but when I was a child it was the tiny little windows just up at the top of the wall.

Having three precious children though, I immediately saw the security hazard with the window well. It’s the perfect spot for someone to jump in, undetected, break a window and then have free roam of the house. Frankly, the idea keeps me up at night!

We had originally planned on putting up a fence but we really like our neighbors. Our children run over to the neighbor’s yard, and their child to ours. When caught sitting on our deck the neighbors come over to join in dinner and drinks. Besides, between our two yards together we have a perfect field for a little game of pick-up football. Who would want to put an end to that?!

So, my next option was to get window well covers. And it just so happens that I got an ad in the mail just at the time we were finalizing that decision. First of all, the ad is adorable with a little boy and a dog named “Shakeabutt” sitting on top of the cover to show that it can hold weight. That dog has become a celebrity in this house. My little guy still carries around the ad most places or hangs it on the fridge and looks at it all the time. So cute!

The name of the company is McIntosh Windows and Doors. I placed a call on Monday afternoon and the owner, John McIntosh, was out the next morning to give me a free estimate and take measurements. He was such a nice person. I told my husband that even though he has been doing this for over 25 years he was incredibly gracious for my business. It was such a pleasant visit.

Which leads me to the nice gentleman I had in my home today. His name was Mark McIntosh and he is the owner’s son. It has been just over three weeks since John took the measurements and the covers were ready to be put on. I received a phone call with this news this morning and Mark had the covers installed by 2pm today. Mark and I enjoyed a lovely conversation while he worked and he still had the covers installed in 30 minutes!

It was an absolute joy to have these men in my home and doing work to make my home more secure. We are living in a time of economic stress which means there are more security issues relating to burglaries right now. If you are looking to make your home a little more secure by adding window well covers, I suggest you give McIntosh Windows and Doors a call at 303-460-1467 and let them know that your friend Krista Clinton sent them your way. It’s a security decision you won’t ever regret!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Before and After

When we moved to Colorado we bought a foreclosed home. It was impeccable inside but the lawn had been neglected for over a year. Here is an amazing before and after shot that Jimmy got (if you look really close you can see the light fixtures have been painted black now too. Our next job is to paint all of the light green trim red...can't wait!!).

There are still a lot of weeds and we are working on getting our plants to grow (this year they are concentrating on getting their roots planted!) but we've come a long way!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kaylee's Photographic Art

I saw an article in Family Fun about this and thought Kaylee would have too much fun. We grabbed the camera and rode our bikes to the park and we were both amazed at how quickly we were able to see letters in so many things. Here is what Kaylee chose for her name. So fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Goings Ons In The Clinton House

My wonderful in-laws were here to visit last week. We did a bit of sight-seeing and lots of SkipBo playing and tons of eating. It was wonderful to have family filling up our house with love and laughter. And would you believe that I only picked up my camera capture the old people taking a nap on the couch!! hahahha

My James has been having some discoloration going on around his face. All up the side of his face and neck. I tried to scrub it off by rubbing him raw with soap and a face cloth and that didn't work. So, I assumed it was a pigment change (since we have no family history of his biological family this made sense to me). On Friday we went to the Dr's just to be certain. She took an alcohol swab and rubbed the affected area...ya, he was just dirty!!

Stop laughing!

Apparently James has some oils on his skin that are trapping the dirt and no amount of soap and water can get it off. So, he will have to be wiped down with some rubbing alcohol every so often. And I guess a bath every couple of days wouldn't hurt!

Ugh...between swollen penises and dirty faces...the Dr will probably be thrilled when I come in for just a run of the mill cold!

My adorable husband has left me to go to a Men's Advance this weekend (because real men don't retreat!). He is in the middle of the Rocky Mountains with a bunch of Godly men zip-lining, hiking, scratching their....well, you know, whatever it is that men do on those things!

My sweet James wondered this morning how bad it must stink in the morning when all of those men wake up and have their morning farts. HAHAHHA I almost died laughing. However...SOOOO TRUE!! Stinky boys.

Without sounding too condescending, I just want to say I'm so proud of Jim. He really stepped out of his box to go do this thing. He did take his own vehicle though in case there was too much man hugging going on (his words, not mine). He wanted to make sure he could escape!! Oh, the people in this family make me laugh!!

I've begun taking a couple of new classes. One is a Beth Moore study; Believing God. I loved the intro and am so excited about what lies ahead.

I've also started Financial Peace University. If you haven't heard of it, go google it. It's Dave Ramsey teaching us how to handle money within a biblical perspective. I just did my homework which is a quick budget based on how I've spent my money in the last month. Ya, that was fun. I'm really excited about all of the saving and undebting I'll be doing over the next 12 weeks...however, not so thrilled about what it means for my spending habits. Ugh!

Our new library opened up today. That was terribly exciting to our household. The old Brighton library sucked. It was like walking into a time-warp building from the early 80's. And they didn't have very many books. And those they had were in horrible conditions. I was not a big fan!

I have been counting down for the last month to the grand opening. So much so that the first words out of Jagger's mouth when he woke up this morning were "Yay! The library opens today!!" Such a good little four year old!

We met up with our friends, the Bainbridges (sans Bill because he is off man hugging with my husband this weekend). We made it in time for the ribbon cutting. We also took our kids to a Sticky Fingers Food Demonstration where they got to make gazpacho ( no idea how to spell it). The kids enjoyed the chopping and stirring...not so much the eating. We went into another room where local restaurants were giving out samples and chowed down in there (the fried pickles from the Brighton Depot rocked my world!). We checked out about a million books and five movies and truly enjoyed our time looking around and enjoying the new space (although I'll enjoy it much more on Monday morning when it is waaayyy less crowded). All in all though....sooo thrilled with the new building and the new books. Can't wait to spend hours of fun in the new space.

Okay...I guess you're tired of reading now. Hope you are having a wonderfully blessed weekend!! Till next time....