Monday, June 14, 2010

James' Resume

James is taking a singing/acting class this summer and had to compose a resume. It will be super fun to continue adding to it over the years to come. Here is the first draft:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

In and Around San Diego

There were so many things to see and do in San Diego that it was sort of overwhelming. We had to just sort of do everything on the fly which was a little scary for this routine girl! It ended up being a perfect weekend and a great way to end our vacation.

Here's a little Shakesperean Store that we found that sold all of my favorite Canadian chocolate bars. I shared the Smarties with the kids and Jimmy and I kept sneaking away to eat the other ones...we even went as far as to eat the Coffee Crisp under the bed covers so they wouldn't see us and I wouldn't have to share!! BAD MOM!

Gaslamp District.

The Seaport Shop area behind our hotel.

A night view from our hotel room. We had a split view of the water and the city. The water was very pretty during the day but the view of the city rocked at night time.


We walked along this whole bridge and this picture is taken from the pier at the end of it. We had a family run on the way back and Jagger won!

When we got back across the bridge we found some tide pools where we had fun looking for crabs.

Good to know...

For those keeping up with the progress of Jagger's shaved head....long enough for a mohawk now!!

Old Towne San Diego

Our hotel played outdoor movies by the pool at night. So, on the last night of vacation we laid out and watched Monsters Inc.

When we got up to leave we headed out and got to see part of the Rock and Roll Marathon in progress...that's inspiring to say the least!
It was a long 19 hour drive home (with 3 hours of stops included in that time) but we finally made it at 5:45 on Monday morning. It was good to be home. Nice to be back in the swing of things. This was one of our very favorite vacations. The kids just happen to be the right ages for everything and it was the perfect mix of crazy busy and super relaxing.

Can't wait to start planning our next trip...wonder where we'll be headed???

Coronado Island Beach Pictures

For those of you that like posts on here that have a lot of pics...this post is for you!!

We looked up beaches to visit while in San Diego and heard of so many that we didn't know which to choose. Then we saw that Coronado Island which was a short drive from our hotel was rated one of the Top 10 Beaches in the US and we knew that we had to check it out.

Let's just say that this picture described my morning. I love the ocean...sitting by it...and snapping pictures of everyone else playing in it.

I love taking candid pictures. However, sometimes they just don't turn out...
But sometimes you snap your shot just in time....

Favorite picture of Kaylee today!

Favorite picture of James today!

All about seashells...

All about the ladybug that Jagger caught....

All about the butt crack!

And here's the sand burying pics...

You can't leave the beach without building a sand castle....

Or without writing in the sand...

Oh my goodness we had an awesome morning at the beach. I don't think it's possible to take a bad picture with the blue sky and the sand and ocean in the background. This was a totally unexpected day as we had planned and then cancelled going to Legoland. It was definately a pleasant surprise though!