Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Social, Eating Jelly Bellies and Cleaning House

I got a Garmin!!

So. Darn. Excited!!

I've been wanting one for forever.  I asked for one for Mother's Day and didn't get it.  I wanted one for the Bolder Boulder and didn't get it.  Then I ran twice and had my husband map them for me on  Apparently that did the trick...I had a Garmin after the second run!  WOO HOOOOO

I wore my fancy new watch on my run on Sunday.  It was great because I had to do 8 miles and didn't have a clue where that was going to take me.  This way I was able to just go run and check my watch to know if I had to go further or start heading closer to home.  It worked so well that I finished the 8 miles just three doors down from my house!

And the results are instant.  I knew right away that I had run 8 miles, that I ran for 1:33, my average pace was 11:44 and that I burned 949 calories! 

I came home and plugged it into my computer and it gave me even more information such as elevation change, the weather while I was running and a few other cool things that I can't remember right now but just made me love my toy even more. 

And now I can be one of the cool people and share the info on Facebook.  My sister has been using a Nike app which is way cool and I love that I can see when she is running and it even lets me cheer her along the way.  If I have a day that I want to skip a run and I see that she has done hers, it pushes me.  Now I get to share too!  Happy, happy, happy!

I have also been experimenting with gels.  I told you about trying the honey and that seemed to work well.  This weekend I picked up two new types: Jelly Belly gels and Guu.  I was already leaning a little more towards the Jelly Bellies just because I can dump them in my fanny pack and then eat one or a handful as I feel I need them.  The Guu is a whole pack similar to a mayonnaise pack and once it's open then it's open.  I get an upset tummy when I run with too much food in my belly so I'm a little leery of taking it all in one shot but don't relish the idea of leaving it open in my pack either.

So on Sunday I tried my first choice: TriBerry (I think) Jelly Bellies.  I ate one right before I left and HOLY SWEET!  I wasn't so sure.  Then after a couple of miles I popped another one and loved how the sweetness made my mouth instantly fill up with saliva.  It was like a free drink along with the candy!  Gross right?!  But it was sooooo good!  I ate most of them throughout the run and felt great.  At some points I was really able to sit back mentally on the run and my legs were just doing their thing.  It was a great feeling.  Part of it is the training for sure.  But I do think the gels helped too.  I wasn't exhausted when I got home and could have put in a couple of extra miles for sure.

Next weekend I'll try the Guu. 

I want to get all the experimenting out before the half.

Tonight is cross training.  My stupid gym is still closed for maintenance so tonight I just did house cleaning again.  Trust's a workout!  I can't wait to get back to the gym next Monday.  I have a friend that wants to try spin with me so I think that is what we will do.  I'm missing the core workouts!  But I also know my body is enjoying the breaks.  I've got some aches and pains going on (including a lovely friction rash from my running bra!) but I don't want this to end on a negative note.  If they don't go away I'll share another time.

Right now I will stay focused on my fancy new Garmin!  Happy!!

Hope you have had a lovely Monday.  My favorite beginning of the week quote on Facebook today was "Don't look back, you're not going that way!"

Keep Running!

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