Monday, September 9, 2013

A Week's Worth

WOW!  It's been a week since I last wrote.  Bet you (all 3 or 4 of you that read this!) thought I was fizzing out eh?  Not me!  I've stuck to the plan without missing anything since the big 8 miler I skipped in WY.

I will say that keeping up is getting harder.  Now that my runs are no longer 30 and 40 minutes long I am feeling guilty taking as long as I do to run and then sitting down to blog afterwards.  I will try to be more diligent though!


I did the cross-train Monday that I told you about last week.  Then I did 6 miles (SIX MILES!!) of fartleks on Tuesday.  That was a PR for me because up until then I had only done 4 miles of fartleks.  I kept to the same rhythm as usual: 10 minute mile for 5 minutes then 11 minute mile for 5 minutes x 6.  It was awesome!  Wednesday was rest day.  YAY!  Thursday I ran 4 miles.  Friday was rest again.  YAY again!  Saturday I ran 5 miles and it was nice and easy.  Then Sunday was the big whopper...NINE MILES!!  I did the first 3 miles at 11 minute miles and then slowed down to 12 minute miles for the last 6 in the hopes that I could sustain it for the full ride.  And I did it!  1 hr and 47 mins of running!  THAT'S NUTS!!  After mile 3 I would dribble a bit of honey on my finger and suck it off at the beginning of each mile.  I think that really helped.  I think I will start trying some gels on my Sunday runs. 

I seriously cannot even explain how cool it is to say that I ran 9 miles.  And that even though I did it, it so doesn't feel possible.  Up until yesterday I had never run farther than 7 miles and I had only done that twice.  Again...I'm amazed at what God is allowing this body to accomplish.  I feel blessed to be discovering this side of myself.

I also feel sore!  Tonight is cross train.  They gym is still closed for 2 more weeks for maintenance so no swimming or classes.  It's raining outside so no bike rides.  I guess I'm just going to do some weight lifting at home.  I don't think it will be too much because I feel tired and I know I have to do the 6 miles of fartleks again tomorrow.  I will do my best to lift and stretch for at least 30 minutes tonight though.

I picked up a book that caught my eye at the library.  It's called You are an Ironman.  I'm loving it!!  It's about 6 people and their journeys to the Ironman competition.  Can I just say that these people amaze me!!  They also inspire me!  I've been thinking about trying out a triathlon in the Spring of next year.  I've even gone so far as to tell you all about it and now probably be held accountable.  If you know of any please share!

I'll leave you with the link to a video that just blew my mind.  Julie Ross crossing the finish line at Ironman in 1982.  Keep in mind she was just a student doing a research paper on Ironman and she ended up being in 1st place the whole way.  No go watch!

Have a blessed week!  And Keep Running!

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