Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scattered Thoughts of a Runner

Shit!  The treadmill isn't working.  Well I'm adding that .2 to my run.  I didn't do that 30 seconds for nothing!

Why do I always start my runs uphill?

Oh ya, because that downhill, even 2 minutes in, feels oh. so. good.

Don't check the watch.  Just run.  For fun.  Look around and enjoy yourself.

Where did this wind come from?

Look at me.  I'm running.  Carefree.  Who cares if I have to run 6 miles.  I'm not thinking about that.  Just keep running.  Just keep running.

Oh my knees hurt.

Look at the blue sky.  Oh ya, I'm supposed to spend 15 minutes thinking of my sister.  I love my sister.  Is that a snake?!!  Jennifer if you can read my thoughts you have to know I can NOT think of you when I run outside.  I have to watch for snakes!!

I'm sooo tired of uphills!

I cannot believe James is having eye problems.  God you have such a sense of humor to give me my James, my adopted child, and he is the only one of my children to have eye problems.  I could find better things to bond over.

Got my breath back.  OK let's go up this street.

I hate uphill!

Love downhill.  I feel great.  Oh look another hill!



This is my favorite part of the run.  Downhill for the next mile baby.  Ahhh look at me just running.  Oh Jennifer I'm just running.  Not caring what the watch says.  Just running.  Hey...I thought about my sister again.

Ohhhh I know what I can do for a post before my half.  I should take different pictures of what I want to look like when I cross the finish line.  Then I can be ready for the big day.  Big smile?  Arms up?  Victory?  Sprayed with sweat...will have to use a hose.  It's October, it might snow.  I should do one with mittens and a hat too.

Wow...that took up a like 3 minutes of thinking time.  YAY!

Ugh my knees.

Seriously, when I was standing still there wasn't any wind!!

I need to tell Nick that the yummy free donut makes running easier.  Maybe I should see if he'll give me a free cookie on Thursday and we can see if that makes me run easy too??

OK this is a busy road...make it look easy!

What did I just kick??  Did a snake just slither between my legs??  I'm sure it was just a rock.  We're going to say it's a rock.  And we are going to pretend that I didn't just do a funny dancing run because of a rock.

Just a few more blocks.  You got this.

I think a lot when I'm running.  I should totally record these thoughts.  People will think I'm schizo though.  Oh well.

I could call it Scattered Thoughts of a Runner.  That implies I'm a runner.  What makes a runner?  I think if you are running then you are a runner.  If you wake up tomorrow and decide not to run then you are no longer a runner.  You can only call yourself a runner on a no run day if it is a day specifically designated to rest your body so you can run more.  I'm a runner right now.  I don't know if I'll be a runner tomorrow.  

Teenagers.  Like 20 of them.  Back straight.  Make it look like you do this all the time.  You're a rockstar.

They didn't even cheer.  There's a bazillion of them.  They were practicing some kind of dance routine or something with music blaring.  The least they could have done was cheered when I ran by.  Then maybe I could run more.  Idiots.

Just make it home. 

Where the BLEEP did this wind come from??

I've only ran 4.97?? 

I wasn't supposed to look at the watch!!

Just race home.  Cross that line.

5.15.  You didn't do 6.  You kinda suck. 

It's still 5.15.  I'll take it.

(And my favorite part of the run was after the run.  A text from my sister who I told that I absolutely didn't want to run tonight.  It said  "so, how did you do rockstar?"  Jennifer I love that you have that much faith in me.  You are such a blessing in my life!)

(Oh...and a confession.  I did NOT cross train last night. I played LIFE with my kids.  Then I ate half a large pizza (thin crust...does it even matter when you've eaten half??), 2 rice krispie squares and a bowl of popcorn with M&Ms in it while the kids and I watched the Broncos kill the Raiders.  Judge not!)

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